Zero Fucks Girl chats with 716 Live!

Jasmine Reed The Author: Where did you get the name?

Zero Fucks Girl: My friend actually came up with the name because I have a “I don’t give a fuck” type of attitude. I agreed and zerofucksgirl was born lol.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Why are memes important?

Zero Fucks Girl: Memes are important to me because they’ve helped me get through some tough times. Stress, heartbreak, aggravation. I literally get inspiration for the memes I create from personal dating and life experiences. I guess my intake on life is I’d rather make fun of it than cry about it.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Can you recommend any other meme pages?

Zero Fucks Girl: Well I will recommend my other two pages first @wastehistime2018_ and @sassygirl38. Other few I work with are @meme.w0rld@hoegivesnofucks and @girlsthinkimfunny.

Jasmine Reed The Author: How has social media helped?

Zero Fucks Girl: Social media as a whole has helped me bring laughter to women who are going through the same dating disasters. I get messages from my followers telling me how much I’ve helped them get through break ups by making them laugh and making them feel better about themselves. That in itself keeps me motivated to keep going hard.

Jasmine Reed The Author: What are your plans for 2018?

Zero Fucks Girl: I would like to build a brand around my page, maybe write short funny dating story book based on my dating experiences. Create merchandise with my popular captions that my followers love. Hopefully I find the time to do it lol. My page keeps me pretty busy, I do everything myself with no assistance.









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