Young Monte

monte smiling

Jasmine: What is rap?

Young Monte: Rap is an expression of emotions, a release of energy in the form of music.

Jasmine: Is rap your favorite genre?

Young Monte: I like R&B Hip Hop, most are songs of passion, and have meaning to the artists that sing the songs.

Jasmine: What made you want to join Cake Boss?

Young Monte: That’s a good one! I was there when it first started. My boy since way back in our youth: Ponzo, was putting together a rap group of family and friends. We linked up on some music shit, made a song titled “Henny n Remy”, which turned out well. Seeing the moves he was making, being from the same hood, and both of us doing music, it was a no brainer. I stuck by his label ever since.

Jasmine: Sounds like you’re living your dream. What are your long term goals?

Young Monte: My long term goal is to make enough money doing music so I can take care of my family and I financially. I also want to be a leader amongst the youth in our the Buffalo community.

Jasmine: What projects do you have coming up for the rest of the year?

Young Monte: I’m am very excited about my first album titled “THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY” , and the first single on the album titled “WHO TO BLAME”.
This album represents the fight of becoming a break-through artist; the struggles and good times I face while on the rise with my rap career.

Jasmine: Very inspiring! How important is music to you?

Young Monte: My music is means everything to me, I swear, music is there for me when I’m happy and sad. My pen and pad have actually became my two best friends. Lmao.Seriously, in a way they have, music helps me voice how I feel. We all want someone to be there for us, and music has definitely been that something for me.

Jasmine: #DEEP! Okay last one. What advice do you have for 716 Live?

Young Monte: Yo keep up the good work, capture the upcoming artist, motivate our youth, and keep creating opportunities. I appreciate you guys!
Jasmine: Thanks. See you in the mag!