veilside kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Jasmine:  Where did you get the name “Veilside”?  

Veilside: It’s the side you keep hidden from the public. In essence, the “veiled side”……but shortened

Jasmine:  Where did you all meet?  

Veilside: It wasn’t in one particular place. Tony met Bob at a show when he was with another band. Later that year, Bob introduced Tony to Jon and Ron; that kicked off this run. Since November 2006 we’ve been working at this.  

Jasmine: What are your favorite things to do in Chicago?  

Veilside: Bob and Ron enjoy a great beer, and can be found at most brew-fests. Sharon and Russ enjoy family time. Also, Tony enjoys mating.

Jasmine:  What was your first performance as a band like?  

Veilside: We worked so hard to bring the show to stage, it went by far too quickly!!

Jasmine:  What qualities must all bands have to be successful?  

Veilside: Stay together!!  Just make sure you’re in it for the right reasons, and the members agree what those reasons are!

Jasmine: What are your plans for the rest of 2016?  

Veilside: Continue to tour throughout the Midwest in support of our 2015 release “Intermission”.  Hit the studio and begin recording our fifth CD for release in 2017.

Jasmine:  What is your favorite music genre and why?  

Veilside: While we’re a hard rock band, we listen to pretty much everything.  Personally, when writing for a new CD, I try to stay AWAY from hard rock & metal because I’m always worried about re-writing what I’ve just heard .

Jasmine:  What advice do you have for 716 Live?  

Veilside: The biggest challenge for artists/bands is getting heard!  716 Live does a great job within it’s own network for giving resources to artists.