Veilside is MAKING NOISE on ReverbNation

VEILSIDE“, a popular rock band from Chicago, rank THIRD on the ReverbNation charts for their city! Their song “Left Town” is POPPING and the guitar is ELECTRIC (no pun intended). Here is what they had to say:


The lyrics were penned by myself (Tony Engel) and the music structure by drummer Ron Thomas. I wrote that song about my best friend who got into a fight with his wife and literally drove with no destination in mind until he ended up in Arizona. The song was written for our acoustic EP “Intermission” but I think it sounds even better electric. The guitar solo was done by our good friend Jon Dobbs of the band Paradoxx and when we play it live, we copy that note for note!” 

Make sure you check them out on Facebook and ReverbNation! #Veilside. Thanks for reading!