Unbound Merino chats with Jasmine Reed The Author

Jasmine: What is your favorite thing about your Hometown?
Mr. Demski from Unbound Merino: Toronto’s identity is its diversity. Growing up here means having friends from all over the world, and as a result: being exposed to their food, customs, and stories. Everyone in this city embraces each other and it’s something we’re all very proud of (of course there are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part anyway).
Jasmine: What is your favorite genre of music and why?
Mr, Demski from Unbound Merino: Are genres still a thing? I would have to say “good”. The good’ stuff is my favourite genre. I like different music for different purposes. When I’m working I like instrumental music and that can be classical, world music, jazz, hip-hop (instrumental only) etc. When in the gym I like hip-hop or sometimes house/techno. Phish is the greatest band alive. Frank Zappa / Grateful Dead are the GOAT. If you’re in Nashville, you have to see Bluegrass. Music is about finding the right stuff for the right time and place.  Usually (but not always) the popular stuff is…. ummmm….. garbage.
Jasmine: What is “Unbound  Apparel”?
Mr, Demski from Unbound Merino: Unbound Apparel is a line of T-Shirts, socks and underwear made of Merino Wool. It is clothing that is anti-odour  and anti-bacterial. You can wear this stuff for many days without needing to wash it. It’s a game changer for those who want to travel light or people who just want to have a more minimalist approach to living in general. 
Jasmine:  How has Indiegogo help your career?
Mr, Demski from Unbound Merino: Aside from it helping raise the funds to start Unbound, it validated the idea of the business. We felt it was a great idea, but until you get people to actually buy your product – you can’t be too sure. Indiegogo allowed us to present our product and let the market decide if they were interested in it. We felt in our hearts that it would work out. Indiegogo was the validation of that belief in the real world. 
Jasmine:  Are you willing to collaborate with musicians to promote your brand?
Mr. Demski from Unbound Merino: As long as they’re not Katy Perry.
Jasmine: What are your long term goals?
Mr, Demski from Unbound Merino: To create a line of products that have a drastic impact on how people live and travel. We made this product initially for ourselves. It’s been a game changer. Our goal is to reach further and grow this brand, not for the money – but because we’re legitimately excited and proud of what Unbound stands for. It’s the kind of work we are excited to get up early to get cracking on.
Jasmine: What advice do you have for aspiring Apparel Designers?
Mr. Demski from Unbound Merino: Be your core consumer. Don’t make anything because of a trend or because of what else is out there. Find the moment when you realize something you would buy doesn’t exist. Whether that’s practically speaking, or creatively speaking. If you’re not your own core consumer, you’re not going to be able to be passionate and convincing in getting your message across. That’s why Unbound did well right out the gate. It’s because we made it for us first.