The Art of Letting Go by Trice Reign

How many times have we heard in our life to “Let go”? You know the story. “Let go of the past, the loss of a loved one, let go of that boyfriend or girlfriend we were madly in love with or perhaps to let go of hurt, pain or bitterness? How many times have you honestly TRIED and failed? Instead maybe you beat yourself up because you WANT a better life, but for some reason just CAN’T seem to get there? You are NOT alone. Unfortunately, many of the lessons we need the MOST in our lives, aren’t taught to us. Life does have a harsh way of teaching us though. Painfully harsh. There is an Art to letting go of things. I used some of those lessons while coaching my clients who were suffering from the inability to move forward in their lives, there were 5 principles that I taught them to apply, hopefully they are of use to you:

  1. It first starts in the mind with the DECISION to let go. It isn’t enough to have the DESIRE to let go of a situation or person. You must follow through by making your mind up to do it.
  2. Feel free to EXPRESS your feelings. It’s better out than in, remember that pressure bursts pipes so let it out. Cry your eyes out, vent to someone that you trust or write it in a journal; whatever you gotta do in order to get  your thoughts and the emotions attached outside of you (without hurting anyone).
  3. Make the choice to STOP being a victim and blaming others. Realize that life is happening FOR us and not TO us. Within every situation whether good or bad, is a life lesson to be gained. Sometimes a change in perspective of the situation is needed.
  4. FOCUS on the NOW. Let go of the fantasy of what could’ve been, instead make peace with the past and focus on being in the present. Concentrate only on what can be changed. You are the owner so take control of your life. Live for TODAY.
  5. Forgive. Forgive again. Holding onto anger will cause more stress to YOU than anyone else. It is important to learn to forgive those who may have hurt you. It is just as important to forgive yourself. Let go of the grudges you are holding within you. Forgive the situation, the expectations that you had, the person for leaving you, the way they hurt you, the things you wish you would have said and done; forgive the pain you caused. Forgive and release.

These are simply a sample of 5 principles that when used effectively can help in learning the Art of Letting go for healing purposes. These would change based on the specific things that are being released, be it love lost, death of a loved one, resentment of childhood issues etc. Please share this with family and friends, you never know who may need to see it.