T-Kidd chats with Jasmine Reed The Author!

Jasmine: What is music?


T-Kidd: Music is the most universal tool applied to everyday life no matter the situation. Whether it’s during a gym workout session, relationship issues, undergoing the pains and struggles from the environment you live in, or simply as a stress reliever. It’s a way to connect with people you’ve never met, on a level they can relate to via the press of a button.


Jasmine: Where do you get your inspiration?


T-Kidd: My family is my inspiration. My main goal is to ensure they are happy taken care of. After the passing of my grandfather, the torch was passed on to me. I will never let him or any other of my family members down.


Jasmine: What qualities should every musician have?


T-Kidd: Passion should be in place for the most part. Also, an artist should strive to be different, authentic, and creative with his or her craft.


Jasmine: Where did you get your stage name?


T- Kidd: My stage name came about while I was in high school playing football for Woodrow Wilson Classical High School. It just kind of stuck with me through school and in my neighborhood so I chose to run with it. Plus, it was an easier way for people to recognize me because it was already familiar to most.



Jasmine: Where do you see yourself in 2 years?


T-Kidd: I plan on retaining my status as an independent artist. I will continue to build a strong fan base until the next opportunity is presented (label wise). My focus is on the people and delivering the best product.


Jasmine: What challenges do musicians from your hometown           face?


T-Kidd: The harsh reality that’s being addressed in cities similar to mine worldwide: gang violence and unavailable resources. With a dream and a little bit of hope, you have a chance.  Some people just want to make it out, others want better for everyone.


Jasmine: Who was the biggest influence on your music?


T- Kidd: I would have to say 2Pac because the way he created every song and how universal he was helped me get through a few hard times growing up.

Jasmine: How do you plan to further your career?

T-Kidd: I plan on being consistent and creative while delivering music, merchandising etcetera. The biggest thing would have to be investing. I’ve recently invested in myself more than ever, and so far I’m happy with the results. My Ryders most importantly, all focus is on them, the people!