SOUL FOOD: Are You Husband Material?

The most popular thing that I constantly hear men say about women when thinking of a potential mate is “Is she wife material?” I think it doesn’t make women feel uneasy hearing this question because since childhood women prepare for children and the role of being a wife. From the baby dolls we took care of like they were our own child, and playing “house” where we pretended to be married, to our Disney Princess movies that we loved to watch, it was kind of planted into our heads… girl becomes woman, woman becomes wife, wife becomes mother. But what about men? I thought about this and because most men don’t grow up thinking about being a husband until they are ready to settle down, how do men KNOW that they are ready to be a husband? Just because a man chooses the wife doesn’t mean that the woman he picks will agree to marry him. I decided to compile a list of 10 Things That Can Make a Man Husband Material:

  1. An honest man. A woman wants a man whose word is his BOND.  As much as the truth hurts, in the long run, we respect it over a beautiful lie.
  2. Loyalty is essential. A woman does not set out to be divorced once we marry so we want a man who is ready to settle down. That man should be at the stage of maturity where he has control over himself and will think heavily before placing himself in certain situations with other females. Naturally, for a happy family life, both the partners have to be loyal to each other.
  3. A man who is trustworthy.  A woman wants to be able to trust her man with her WHOLE heart and being. A man who has earned his wife’s trust is a happy man. The honorable things that a man does before marriage will show whether he is trustworthy enough to say ” I do” to.
  4. We need a man with sensitivity.  Being that most men consider women to be more emotional than they are, he should expect his wife to be just that. Emotional at times. Because we tend to be more emotional, we want a man who doesn’t make us feel badly for it. Naturally, we would expect a husband to be sympathetic towards our feelings (within reason).
  5. A responsible man. Because he must take care of his family, women seek a man to be the LEAD.  A woman’s sense of security lies in her man’s ability to deal well under pressure, make good financial decisions and have some financial stability. Her future children’s education and health will either directly or indirectly depend on the role model of the man that she chooses.
  6. Vision. He must know what he wants for his life . A man must know what his wants and need are. He doesn’t necessarily need to know his purpose in life but he does need to have a clue which direction he wants to take. It is hard for us as women to follow and support a man who is clueless. Don’t lead her in circles, take CONTROL of where you lead.
  7. He must be a good listener.  A husband will undoubtedly have hard days at work and expect his wife to listen to him, at the same, we have the same issues and have children to take care of and would like our husband to listen to our woes. Being listened to gives feelings of validation most times. There has to be a give-and-take when it comes to listening.
  8. High self esteem is a plus. A man with low self esteem does not make it pleasant for a woman in terms of dealing with the opposite sex. A man that feels good about himself earns his woman’s respect more easily.
  9. Adaptability.  A husband should be able to adapt himself to different situations. In marriage change is inevitable. He will need to be able to devote time towards the upbringing of his children and also pay adequate attention to his wife’s needs. As the head of household there will be times when he will have to deal with financial and family crises, will you fold under pressure?
  10. Respectful nature. A man who doesn’t respect women, won’t respect his wife either. No woman wants to look stupid in the eyes of the world because of the man she chose.  A man who can respect his woman and his relationship can go a long way in terms of happiness.


These are some examples of the things that women look for in a good man. Now before you say it, every woman isn’t wife material either fellas, so before you choose a wife, you should know what to look out for as well. Please share this if you agree. You never know who this may help!


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