Raja Syahiran chats with Jasmine


Jasmine Reed The Author: Where did you get inspiration for “Stargazing“?

Raja Syahiran: The song was created by a good friend of mine Daiyan Trisha. I did the cover of the song tribute for her birthday.

Jasmine Reed The Author: How has social media helped your career?

Raja Syahiran: Social media has boosted my career hugely. I was a street and underground performer before I was into social media. My talents are easily noticed by society with social media. I wasn’t into social media at all until a few of my friends created them for me.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Why is music important?

Raja Syahiran: Music is important as we grew up with music. When we were toddlers we were taught to dance, sing and play. It’s more than a stress reliever it’s happiness.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Can you recommend any videographers?

Raja Syahiran: Malaya.

Jasmine Reed The Author: What’s next for you?

Raja Syahiran: A new song with a current touch.









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