Quiet Storm

Quiet Storm: — to be different and exhibit such pain, anger, happiness, laughter, love , hate, the grandeur, such intelligence, the insight, the existential — the beauty and ridiculousness the in your face dry humor, the easy ness as well as the difficulty life presents. I’ve always been comfortable conforming to my own style but I have grown tremendously

716 Live:  What is Quiet Storm’s greatest asset as a person?
Quiet Storm: My greatest asset? My spirit I’d say. My spirit has the need to evermore increase my awareness my understanding and connection the world and my immediate surroundings. To have the ability to spit… To write I have come to really know who I am, what I love, what I hate as well as help others realize the same thing in themselves just by opening my mouth and saying exactly how I feel. About anything. My writing is the embodiment of my dedication to the development of my best asset(s) as well as all of my readers or people who may follow me…. Still with me? —

716 Live:  Yep. What would you say is your biggest obstacle as a poet?
Quiet Storm: I would say dealing with an audience that is used to listening to rappers everyday you know I am approaching the “hip-hop, rap, neo soul, floetry” all hel— I wouldn’t call it a obstacle I’d say it’s a challenge. Obstacle sounds like such a negative word to me for some reason… Lol anywho. I spend all day finding new ways to make my flows sound better and better crazier and crazier. So it’s known poets can most definitely hold their own and pull their own weight. Even if I don’t sound like the typical artist or “rapper”. And to put the icing on the cake I am a female. And im trying to introduce my own style which a new styles that?! Some nerve huh?! Lol I have to bring it no matter what or that’s it!! It wouldn’t be me.
Quiet Storm: *Back to the first question when you asked me of my inspiration. Tysheka spoken long was not the girlfriend of the grant writer. She was a fellow employee whom worked at the institution the 15 or 16 year old. The girlfriend of the secretary was a poet though also (Kelly spivey) My apologies for the mixup.

716 Live:  Do you prefer writing with a pen and pad or on a phone/tablet?
Quiet Storm: Honestly?! It depends on what I’m writing. I have 2 journals both I basically use to mildly essay write write a few poems. But when I write my rhymes. Like the ones I like to really flow with I’m using my Evernote app on my phone. And I only write with bic pens……. Sounds a lil snobby I know sorry lol. I just love the way the write and how the ink ball makes words just kind of glide onto the page. You know? But I do occasionally cave in with a pencil now and then lol

716 Live: Someone that is a fan of Quiet Storm, what would be the best way for them hear your newest work?

Quiet Storm: Pt Performer ( I do charge) PT collector -_-

716 Live:  What’s planned for Quiet Storm in 2015?

Quiet Storm: Well I have been working on my book “The Catalyst” for sometime now as well as a play. Just fooling around with the creative writing for now. And finish college I hope to start touring soon at colleges that would be splendid!!!


716 Live:  Great. Keep us posted on that as well. We’d like to support you and grab a copy! Well It was great talking to you, Quiet Storm. Last words, thank you’s and shout outs.

Quiet Storm: Make sure you guys keep an eye out for the mixtape “BrainWashed Generation” produced by The ScreamMaker. Follow me on Instagram (@QuietStormPoet) for updates and releases. And I’d also like to S/O my camp The League. Check out “Make You Work” from Dionysus sophomore year mixtape. Shit go ahead and download the mixtape on DatPiff. Peace.