NO CEILINGS kicks it with 716 Live

Jasmine Reed: What is hip hop

Beezy: Hip hop to me is not just an art but an expression. Some things that are stuck in my head I find a way to turn them into verses rather than talking about them.

Jasmine: What was it like filming with 716 Live?

Beezy: The Photoshoot was great. Jay and Neecie two of the chilliest people I’ve met in a while and it was extra dope to get my whole label in there with them.

Jasmine: What are your plans for the rest of 2016?

Beezy: Man, that’s kind of a tough one cuz really the plans are endless. The sky is really the limit with this music, but um for myself I’ll be releasing my first solo album on October 2nd, my 23rd birthday titles “23: Ballin Like I’m Jordan” before that though don’t be surprised if you catch the 3rd installment of my “Jackin Beez” series.. Rizzo got Adapt or Perish on the way… I don’t wanna speak to much for my other artist being Su, Zeekie, Cookie, and Mac cuz I’m not too sure what they’ve announced and you know how plans can change but just know we working this way!

Jasmine: Hard work always pays off. What inspired you to rap in the first place?

Beezy: Haha I knew this was gonna be a question… See it all started basically because of Lil Wayne’s “No Ceiling’s” mixtape just back in high school me and cookie did nothing but ride around banging that but… The real spark happened when one of my exes really did me dirty and me and cookie had gone over Weezy’s John beat and just dogged her mainly as a joke but the shit blew up everyone in the school knew who Beezy and Cookie were so it was just kinda like hey man we can actually do this shit and we never stopped since.

Jasmine: Lol. What did she think?

Beezy: You know she wasn’t happy… Especially cuz we dropped it on her birthday so… Yeah. She wasn’t happy but it is what it is!

Jasmine: On her birthday tho! lmao!

Beezy: Yeah it’s extra funny cuz at that point we hadn’t even dated were just talking whatever and then she went off with someone else after the song dropped ended up being together lol. But you know that’s in the past. I can always say thank you though for sparking this rap career.

Jasmine: Cool. What’s your favorite thing to do in the snow?

Beezy: I can dig the snow and how it looks and everything but you know as far as being in it not really with all that so when the winter months hitting I’m just locking myself in the studio or the crib writing for the studio.

Jasmine: Lol. So no snowmen in front of your house. Got it. Where was your first performance? How did it go?

Beezy: My first performance was at the Sikora post in north Tonawanda a little ten person turn out and our music was pretty bad back then lol.

Jasmine: Hey even with bad music you still had supporters that’s a plus . The phone battery is half full. Last question: What advice do you have for 716 Live?

Beezy: Shit I guess the same advice I have for my artist, myself and anyone else in the 716… Keep grinding, we are in a city where they don’t want us to win, but the only person who can stop you is yourself.

Jasmine: Thanks! See you in the mag!