Nicole Kirkland chats with 716 Live


Jasmine Reed The Author: What got you interested in dancing?

Nicole Kirkland: The first time I saw Michael Jackson – Thriller!!

Jasmine Reed The Author: How do you prepare for your videos?

Nicole Kirkland: If it’s a class video – I choreograph the day of and record class that evening. If it’s a concept video I usually have to get inspired, physically write down my ideas, blocking, choreograph, plan rehearsals, find a location, style the video, book a videographer, shoot it & edit the video!



Jasmine Reed The Author: What is Dharma?

Nicole Kirkland: Dharma isn’t a concept, religion, or practice – Dharma is about you living in your truth.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Any advice for new entrepreneurs?

Nicole Kirkland: My advice is to be prepared to work very hard, be prepared to hear NO, many times & take each no as a learning experience. Remember the things that work and forget the things that don’t.

Jasmine Reed The Author: What are your plans for 2018?

Nicole Kirkland: 2017 was a building year for me, I’m hoping 2018 brings me lots of opportunities. The most important thing for me is to continue to grow as a teacher, choreographer, and creator. As long as I’m growing in my craft, 2018 will bring me lots of success.











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