“Millz On Wheels Taking Off”

 Up and coming rapper Mack Millz, 22, was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. Many may know him as Jmillz or Daddy Millz for his reputation of being a good father and mentor. Mack Millz is also a substitute teacher and lets his students know that he is always there for them no matter what. He treats them as if they were his own kids. Mack Millz is very involved when it comes to the children he works with.
Mack Millz has just stepped onto the Buffalo hip hop scene and he’s already been making a huge impact. He’s been rapping since 2009/2010 but only recently he has decided to pursue it. Millz explained that he’s taking things slow even though his fan base has grown tremendously. Millz is just solidifying the foundation of his career. ‘Millz on Wheels’ is his most known slogan and actually came about when he was much younger. Millz played football and as a young running back he was so fast that it seemed as if he were riding on wheels. His coaches, family members and friends called him ‘Millz on Wheels’ and once he began rapping he took the name with him.
Millz explained that his life experiences are what influences his music the most. Growing up Millz and his big brother Forty were very close, almost inseparable! One tragic day Millz actually witnessed his brother’s murder which left an emptiness within himself. To cope with the lost he wrote a song named ‘A Letter to 40’ in remembrance of his big brother. Forty isn’t the only one Millz has wrote a song for. On October 16th Mack Millz released his ‘For My Daughter’ challenge which has reached over 36k views alone on Facebook. Not to mention his ‘Trending’ cover over Moneybagg Yo’s beat has reached over 15k views. He’s been pushing promotion heavy on this song in hopes to grab Moneybagg’s attention.
Millz is very persistent when it comes to releasing freestyles. He seems to upload a freestyle every few days to his Facebook fan page. Mack Millz is bringing in the new year strong and plans on dominating the music scene all 2018. In January, Millz is not only dropping his mixtape but also his T-shirt line with his infamous ‘Millz on Wheels’ slogan. This upcoming year Mack Millz is not only stepping up his promo game but briefly mentioned a possible collaboration with Telly Da Don. He plans to collaborate with many other Buffalo artists. As well as have multiple shows through out the year and maybe even travel to different states. Mack Millz is a strong believer in #SYO (support your own) and he’s prepared to shake up the music scene. 2018 is The Year of Year Millz!!