We challenged popular TORONTO music artist Mikalyn Hay to describe her life in two paragraphs. Here is what she sent:

“I was born in Thunder Bay Ontario but now live in Guelph just outside of Toronto. I have two younger sisters and a dog. When I was 1 – I got to spend a year in the Turks and Caicos because my dad got a cool job there for a bit. I am pretty much a normal kid, although I am close to 6 feet tall so I guess thats not normal. I am going into Grade 9 this September. I spend all my free time writing songs and singing and recording. I love the whole process and love creating the songs. I am trying to “make it” as an artist, and I know that this will be a long and winding road. I am having so much fun on the journey right now and I feel lucky because so far because musicians have to be the nicest people on the planet!!

My favorite artists at the moment – Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Radiohead, Chvrches, Regina Spektor, Imagine Dragons. My favourite food – does Munchies count as food. Otherwise pizza and sushi. I am tall so I am guessing basketball will be in my future. I love travelling and I love the big cities and fell in love with New York. I was on a road trip with my choir and thought the city was so vibrant. My plan is to “release” a few good songs this year but I know I will be posting a ton more to YouTube and just doing live off the floor demos. Also I love collaborating so don’t hesitate to contact me to work together!”

She is very interesting for a High Schooler we must say. Keep making music Mikalyn! Also, check her out on Facebook and ReverbNation #MikalynHay