Michelle Visa

716 Live: We have Michelle Visa aka MizStreetz with us.  You have a lot going on. Tell everyone what you do and what you’re involved in.

Michelle Visa: Well I work as an on air personality for 93.7 WBLK . But I also am a music artist myself and manage a teen girl group named Overdose. I host events like fashion shows and parties . I will be broadcasting on a football sports show called any given Monday. Not to mention I work for the board of education.  

716 Live: Where would you say your passion is?

Michelle Visa: Music in general is my passion. However I like working with the youth also.  

716 Live: How is it managing a young teen group?  

Michelle Visa: It’s tough getting everyone on the same page at times . They are all individuals and have different personalities. But I love it. They are really funny , smart , talented young ladies ! Never a dull moment

716 Live: Sounds like fun. It’s always nice to work with kids and watch them grow. How and when did you get involved with music as far as writing, recording etc…?

Michelle Visa: Well my dad was a bodyguard for Rick James . I went to a lot of recording sessions when I was a baby. My dad also had a huge record collections into the thousands . He played music all the time in the house. I was in a rap group called the troublemakers when I was a pre teen. I began writing and I knew I had a story to tell. Everyone does.

716 Live: That’s dope! Where did the name MizStreetz come from?

Michelle Visa: Just growing up in the neighborhood . I’m street smart and book smart. I represent the struggle and people who want to make it out.

716 Live: Speaking of the neighborhood, what do you see local artists in Buffalo struggle with the most?

Michelle Visa: Unity , support , professionalism , consistency.

716 Live: What do you think would happen if Unity , support , professionalism and consistency were stronger in the 716 music scene?

Michelle Visa: If feel like buffalo world be a brand in itself. Lots of talented artists here

716 Live: Agreed. Amateur Grind, What’s that about?

Michelle Visa: That’s me on my indie grind . Not waiting for anyone or anything to get the job done. Everyone in the industry was once an amateur. Amateur grind was like my own reality show.  It appeared on public access for a year and I also put it on DVD.

716 Live: You’re absolutely right! Do you remember the first full song you recorded? How was that experience?

Michelle Visa: First song I recorded was a feature with another artist at kid Kold’s studio. It was my first song I performed in a night club !! It was called who does it better.

716 Live: As far as music what are your goals for 2015?

Michelle Visa: Well I’m working with havoc from mobb deep. He’s producing most of my new EP. I’m releasing my new track BLANCO f/Fred the godson produced by havoc on Tuesday. Just keep grinding building my brand . Get more Collobs. Stay making new music. Overdose will be dropping something new also.

716 Live: Great! Can’t wait to hear what Havoc cooks up for you. Where can fans purchase, download or listen to your newest music?

Michelle Visa: My single short skirts is on iTunes under miz Streetz. Videos youtube.com/amateurgrind

Michelle Visa: The new stuff will be up on sound cloud Michelle visa

716 Live: When’s the next time we can see MizStreetz perform?  

Michelle Visa
Michelle Visa

Michelle Visa: I’ve been doing shows out of town to build my fan base. I gotta show in New Jersey on the 19th of Sept.

716 Live: Nice, Keep us posted! Favorite spot for eats in Buff?  

Michelle Visa: Destini’s, black and blue, and pandora’s lol.  I like to support those local businesses

716 Live: You have a time machine. You get to go to any year. What year are you going to and why?

Michelle Visa: Um I would go back to 1968 and try to Save DR Martin Luther King  

716 Live: Excellent answer. It was nice talking with you. Any last thoughts, shout outs thank you and links list below.

Michelle Visa: Shout out to Jordan and Joelle. My glam squad :My stylist Jillian johnson My hair dresser Tina Hall My makeup artist Emily P.