Maia Knibb chats with 716 Live

Jasmine Reed The Author: What got you interested in acting?

Maia Knibb: I was actually super shy as a kid, and had trouble making friends. I moved from Israel when I was 7, and there was a language/cultural barrier. But when I started acting, everything made sense. I could actually get away with being a little odd.

Jasmine Reed The Author: How do you prepare for your roles?

Maia Knibb: I don’t like to work too heavily with the script. Of course I have to be 100% off book, but I don’t like to over-analyse the words. I’m much more interested in gathering experiences my characters would have lived. For example, if I have a character that’s a marine biologist, I try and get as close to that life as I possibly can.

Jasmine Reed The Author: What is your favorite thing about the Sunshine Coast?

Maia Knibb: I love the Sunshine Coast! After living in San Francisco and Los Angeles, it’s so nice to escape and be by the beach. Don’t get me wrong, living in a big city has a lot of perks, but I don’t know if anything can compare to being able to go for an evening jog along the river. I’m also pretty sure the Coast is filled with some of the nicest people.

Jasmine Reed The Author: What was it like working with Yentl for your Halloween costume?

Maia Knibb: Yentl is such an incredible makeup artist, so it was so easy to trust her; even though she had to cover my body with leaves and attach bloody vines that had to grow out of my face. She’s also really spontaneous. I’m not sure that she ever really plans anything. She’s just that good that she can be given a bag of materials and create a work of art.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Any advice for new actresses?

Maia Knibb: Work hard, take all the advice you can get (with a grain of salt), and enjoy! Don’t be in a rush to push through career milestones. Being new is only temporary, and it’s the only time you can make mistakes and no one will care. Enjoy it!

Jasmine Reed The Author: What are your plans for 2018?

Maia Knibb: I am so excited for 2018. I’m actually moving overseas in the next month, spending several months in Canada, before moving back to LA for some projects I have coming up!











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