Madden Tournament

Madden Tournament


Let’s go let’s get it put our skills to the test. If you about that life then 716 Live and rise up Sports podcast show want all the real players out there to come and register to play in our 16 man madden 17 tournament of champions on February 11 @3pm . The fee is $20 dollars. Sign up on to participate. This will be on a first come first serve basis so get to and register now. We will have food and drinks available for everyone who participates. We will have first and second place prizes.

Rules of Engagement will be:

Three minute quarters
This is a tournament so it’s one and done.
No special teams allowed, only original NBA and NFL teams allowed.
Coin tosses it will decide who plays at home.
Seeding will be chosen by picking numbers from a hat.

No vulgar language allowed.
No physical contact is allowed.
Players will keep their distance.
All players will keep the studio clean.
Players will not be disruptive.
Most importantly the name of the game is to have fun sportsmanship is a must.

Sign Up Fee is $20 Payment deadline Is This Week! 

Make sure you show up because THIS FEE IS NON REFUNDABLE!

Cash or Paypal

(if Cash you can stop by the 716 Live Studios to pay Email 716Live at gmail dot com)

Your Name