Li-Chi Pan chats with 716 Live


Jasmine Reed The Author: Why do you love chai lattes?

Li-Chi Pan: ​I spent two years of my degree in Architecture living off Red Bull and espresso’s. Once I graduated I decided to stay off caffeine and replace it with chai lattes. I haven’t looked back since!​

Jasmine Reed The Author: Where did you learn photography?

Li-Chi Pan: ​I learned photography at the University. I did a semester course on manual photography where I spent a great deal of time developing my own images in the dark room.​ This passion soon turned into a full time job once I graduated.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Can you recommend any travel destinations?

Li-Chi Pan: Maldives: for the tropical weather and crystal clear waters. Taiwan: Probably one of the most underrated places, but the food is one of a kind. NYC & LA : the energy in NYC and LA is something I’ve never experienced anywhere else.

Jasmine Reed The Author: How has social media helped?

Li-Chi Pan: ​I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with like minded individuals and meet friends from overseas. It’s almost given me opportunities to collaborate with brands i’m extremely passionate about.

Jasmine Reed The Author: What are your goals for the future?

Li-Chi Pan: I always think there is room for improvement but hopefully to open up a small content creation studio where I can work on brands who I align with.










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