Kristen Rodriguez Chats with Jasmine!


Jasmine Reed The Author: What is Kaili Swimwear?

Kristen Rodriguez: Kaili is a dream! After traveling around the world I realized that my favorite outfit is a bikini, and why not make a lifestyle out of that? It is an idea that was born a year ago and little by little is taking shape! How can a girl not feel sexy with a bikini? I want all of us to get the best out of ourselves! What better way to do it than through Kaili?

Jasmine Reed The Author: Where is your favorite place to eat?

Kristen Rodriguez: I am a girl who does not have much problem with food! Maybe my favorite restaurant can be Assunta Madre (restaurant specializing in fish and seafood). It is located in Rome, but can also be found in Milan. But if I should decide, I prefer a good homemade dish from my mother 😛


Jasmine Reed The Author: Why should women be independent?

Kristen Rodriguez: I think that even if you have your partner you do not have to be 100% dependent. I believe that every woman or person should be independent on their own and try to create something for themselves. Women are strong and capable of everything. What better motivation to fulfill our dreams?

Jasmine Reed The Author: How do you prepare for photoshoots?

Kristen Rodriguez: I prepare for each shooting with great enthusiasm and giving the best of me. It is true that sometimes it can be a super impromptu photo for Instagram or something more prepared for bikinis! But I am lucky to be able to work with great professionals.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Any tips for new entrepreneurs?

Kristen Rodriguez: I am nobody to give advice. But I encourage people to travel, increase knowledge and have new ideas, and thus be able to translate that into a business. My motto is: you are capable of everything! So, with great enthusiasm you can create anything. I also have to say that it takes a lot of patience and work.









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