Koncept talks w J.Cole

Cover Interview: Koncept

By Jasmine Cole





     1.What sparked your interest in making music?

My mom got me a Michael Jackson album when I was a kid and I was hooked to music ever since. I wouldn’t leave home without that album and my headphones.

  1. Who are your biggest inspirations?

My family, my friends, and all the beautiful, crazy, wild things I see around me. Musically, artists like A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Wu Tang, The Roots, to Kendrick, J. Cole to Phantogram, Little Dragon to Nirvana, Mars Volta, Bruno Mars, and even Sia. All over the place. Haha.

  1. Explain your unique delivery style.

I listen to a lot of different music, so that could be it. I also always try to do something different even for myself from song to song. I never want to make the same song twice. I always try to expand, develop and grow.

  1. Your newest album #14HoursAhead embodies being ahead of the game, in my opinion, through your style and delivery. Could you explain what being 14 hours ahead means to you?

#14HoursAhead isn’t just the time difference between countries, but also the moments in his life. This music is the reflection of doing better every time. Learning, growing, and believing in yourself. It’s seeing what’s in front of you, and going and getting it without letting in any interferences. It is manifesting your future.

  1. Can you explain how you got the opportunity to fly to Red Bull Studios in L.A. and what that meant to you?

It was crazy. It was a few years ago and I woke up to an email from Red Bull. Out of nowhere. I was hyped that my music got to them. Later they brought me out to LA to work on an album. The place quickly became a home to me. I released The Fuel EP last year which was done there.


  1. What should we be ready for next?

Well, I just released the album and the response has been amazing. It’s a beautiful feeling. The plan is to push that and get more ears on it, playing festivals throughout the summer and some other touring. I’ll be releasing some music videos, and I have a lot of other music that will follow up after. For now, keep rocking #14HoursAhead and help spread it to more and more people! Haha.


  1. What artists are you listening to these days?

Honestly everything. It depends on my mood, but everything from Migos to J. Cole to Evidence. I’ve been listening to Cruel Youth a lot, too.

  1. If you could have anyone featured in one of your songs, who would it be?


  1. Explain your song, “Hug Someone.” Why is the concept of a kind act so close to you?

At a time in the world where there’s a lot of trouble with the presidency and power, stress in the economy, healthcare changes, worry about war, depression, suicide, overdose, and many other hardships that we face on a daily basis, I felt the need to make music to lift us up. As simple as it may be, sometimes people can really use a hug. A hug to let them know that you’re thinking about them, and that you care. A sign of affection, warmth and comfort. We cry, we feel pain; we have many of the same struggles. We are in this together, and we can get through it together. Give someone a hug today. It can really make a difference.