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716 Live: What is your favorite thing about Buffalo and why?
KB: The Buffalo Bills, Been a fan for years
716 Live: Cool. My uncle Paul who raised me is a die heart fan!
KB: Cool.
716 Live: Where did you get your inspiration for “I can do bad”. You seemed pissed lol. Who was your muse?
KB: “I Can Do Bad” didn’t come from the heart only the soul. The concept wasn’t my idea. The idea was AJ’s who’s Rapping in the song. I just enjoy music so much I said okay I’ll put something together out of fun.
716 Live: Cool. I was curious. “From The Bottom” was hot! Can you teach me about the barrel? Where is it? Is there Henny in there?
KB: My message for “From The Bottom” is simply if you want to know about me, I started from the bottom, I’m in the middle, and on my way to the top. I used my last name barrow in replace of barrel, because it’s pronounced the same way almost.
716 Live: That just blew my mind
KB: Thanks.
716 Live: What was it like getting tutored by DMX?
KB: Just listen, because there’s a great chance I may learn something from a great mind, and try my best not to say “I know”. “I know” may prevent a lesson from going on. Although I understood a lot of techniques that were thrown at me as an artist myself, I just listened. Not only did I listen, but I learned.
716 Live: If more people thought like you we would be better off.
KB: Thanks. I appreciate the compliment.
716 Live: What was it like having the music cut off in the middle of the performance?
KB: That happened to me a couple of times ironically, but each time I knew to keep going. Watching different performers growing up allowed me to know how to handle situations on stage. Learning how to be in control during errors came from Beyoncé as I watched her continue or still engage with the audience with a smile at least if something went wrong.
716 Live: How do you plan on celebrating your graduation?
KB: A few of my fellow peers are having parties, so I’ll visit family in North Carloina
716 Live: Ok. Finally, what are your long term goals?
KB: 5-10 years from now I want to wake up each morning knowing I’m doing something I’m passionate about and not something where I’m just in it for the money. As long as peace is there. I’m good.
716 Live: Dope. Thanks for the interview.
KB: You’re welcome.