Kaia Kena IS A GENUIS!

She is ranked FIFTH on the ReverbNation charts for Denver Colorado, so you know we had to contact her! Here is a transcript of our conversation:

kaia logoJasmine: Hello this is Jasmine from 716 Live. We saw your music on ReverbNation and are very impressed. We are doing a news article about you and were wondering if you could give us your thoughts on “Bombshell” ?

Kaia Kena: Hi Jasmine, thanks so much for reaching out & for featuring me! That would be wonderful 😜 I would be happy to give you more thoughts. Were there any particular questions or things about it you would like to know?
Jasmine: Basically, we would like to know what inspired you, your favorite thing about your hometown, and your plans for the rest of 2016 🙂
Kaia Kena: Great! Thanks again, Jasmine. Please let me know if there is anything else you might need from me 🙂 “Bombshell” was a really exciting new project! We were inspired to collaborate with “Bombshell Beauty Salon” in Las Vegas to create a video that told a story about empowerment. With society being so centered around outward appearance, it’s easy to make a video with the message that “makeovers make your life better.”
We really wanted to dig deeper and promote Bombshell as a place that dignifies women by enabling them to be uniquely their own person and be proud of that. We wanted being a “bombshell” to mean whatever it might mean to every woman, and we wanted to send an empowering message to all women to be themselves & be proud and unashamed to be who they are. We hoped to tell a story where a woman didn’t just run off to Las Vegas to get a makeover, but gave up a life she didn’t want to choose to be someone that she already was inside, and hoped that it would inspire others to do the same. At least that was the message we had hoped to convey!!

kaia guitarIt was so fun to travel off to Las Vegas to make “Bombshell,” but I love my hometown, Denver! The creative community is always buzzing and I have loved exploring it more and more every year. I grew up here, so I’ve seen a lot of change over the years. The top three things you cannot beat here are the infinite and ever-astounding outdoors, the craft beer & local coffee, and awesome, good-hearted people who smile at strangers and pretend they all know each other (at least the natives do ;p).

We are so excited for the rest of 2016 because I’m about ready to announce the release of my follow-up EP set for this fall! I have been an acoustic singer-songwriter for years, but this is the first EP I produced myself on my computer. I have been working hard in collaboration with The Keep Studios this summer and am continuing to work with Massif Media (“Bombshell”) to create video projects for each song that will tell an overarching story. Absolutely cannot wait for this release and to be sharing some new music! I am always inspired by all of the music I listen to and the videos I come across! Lately, some of my biggest influences have been Verite, Disclosure, Chainsmokers, & Phoebe Ryan. I’m so excited to follow in some of their footsteps and also make my own journey!

kaia selfie
Jasmine: I will have this up tomorrow 🙂
Kaia Kena: That’s wonderful, thank you!