Jasmine interviews Huck

Huck is a very talented songwriter who loves to document his travels. He’s like that one really cool friend who always has awesome travel photos! We’re so glad we got a chance to chat with him. 🙂

Jasmine Reed The Author: What does music mean to you?

Huck: Music is my outlet. My two main passions are creating visual stories with a camera, and writing music. As of now, I only get paid for the first one, so music is still a pure outlet of expression for me where I don’t need to cater to anyone else’s needs or wants. As a creative, that’s something you need in your life to stay sane.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Where is your favorite place to visit in the winter?

Huck: My favorite place to visit in the winter is Vermont. I get a lot of peace and inspiration driving through the small towns and stopping in the little shops. No one bothers you, everyone seems to be on the same page, and it doesn’t get much more “New Englandy” than Vermont in the winter.

Jasmine Reed The Author: What was the inspiration behind “Have you listened”?

Huck: “Have you listened” was one of the most raw and natural songs I’ve ever written. It was early in the summer of 2013 and my best friend and I were planning to drive across the country that August. We had built a make-shift hangout/studio spot in my garage where we drink beer and jam in the evenings. After my friend would head home at night, I’d stay up strumming and thinking. I found the melody and it ended up being one of those songs that just flows out effortlessly. Now, almost 5 years later, it’s interesting to look back. The song is all about getting away from the world and finding yourself, and nothing could be more relevant to me currently.

Jasmine Reed The Author: How has social media helped you?

Huck: Social media has changed my life. I make my living through Instagram for the most part. My goal has always been to grow my reach while offering valuable entertainment and inspiration for people. I try to give them a moment of peace in their hectic lives through a daily photo or video. I genuinely enjoy doing this, and as I continue to grow, I will finally be able to offer them another avenue where they can find peace – an album. That’s been on the back burner the whole time, one of the driving forces that keeps me motivated.

Jasmine Reed The Author: What are your plans for 2018?

Huck: My plans for 2018 are to focus less on doing small projects all the time to stay a float, do bigger projects less often for more money, and use that free time to focus on music. I’d like to drop an album in the fall.






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