Jasmine Chats with Eric Rubens

Eric Rubens is a brilliant photographer. His photos make you feel like you are on location with him! We’re so glad we got the chance to catch up with this inspirational being!


Jasmine Reed The Author: What is your favorite thing about Southern California?

Eric Rubens: My favorite thing about Southern California is how much the coastline, beaches, and cities vary as you drive up the coast. As a photographer, it’s awesome having such different scenes to choose from that are all a short distance away. Sometimes when the sunset is really nice I’ll be shooting in one secluded beach and run a few blocks away to another to grab completely different looking shots. Add in the great weather and Southern California makes for one epic photography zone!

Jasmine Reed The Author: Where is the most interesting place you have photographed?

Eric Rubens: I’ve been to Jordan twice now and it’s amazing how much the landscape changes considering the size of the country. From experiencing Petra at night, to floating in the Dead Sea, to riding camels in Wadi Rum, the whole country has such amazing scenery. The people are also incredibly friendly. It’s such a different experience from taking pictures on the beaches at home and really challenges me to step out of my comfort level and compose scenes creatively. Out of all the trips I’ve been on recently, looking back on that content has made me the happiest.


Jasmine Reed The Author: What motivates you?

Eric Rubens: I really enjoy pushing the boundaries of color and light in photos and trying to provide people a short escape from their busy days. When I was working as an electrical engineer, I’d always love to daydream about my next vacation or finding a new place in the world to see. If I can inspire someone to go on a trip they’ve been putting off or even have a relaxing mental break then I’ve done my job.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Have you considered teaching photography lessons online?

Eric Rubens: I’ve taught a few lessons both in person and via Skype/Facetime but haven’t explored teaching on a larger scale yet. I’ve been so busy traveling and building up my business that I’ve had to put other goals such as that to the side for now.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Any advice for new photographers?

Eric Rubens: Practice all the time. Take pictures of everything until you understand all your settings and the effect they have on the picture. When I was starting out I’d go shoot the sunset every day but I’d also take pics of my friends to practice portraits or shoot animals to learn how to compose scenes that change quickly. Also, really focus on learning how to edit your pictures. A lot of times, I feel like editing can make or break a picture. You can have an incredible shot and if you edit it poorly, you’ll lose the effect it could’ve had on someone. Try to think about what you’re trying to emphasize in the photo whether it’s a subject, or a landscape, and think of how your edit can work to enhance that object.

Jasmine Reed The Author: What are your long-term goals?

Eric Rubens: I have quite a couple goals long-term. I’m fortunate to have a large following that’s growing quickly but I really would like to find charitable ways to utilize my audience. I’m taking a trip to Puerto Rico in early 2018 to help build houses and promote tourism post Hurricane Maria so that’s a good start. I’d also like to focus on ways I can help impact my local community and provide a platform for local artists or businesses to get exposure on. I don’t want to look back in 10 years on this opportunity and voice I was given and think that I should’ve done more with it.













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