Jaron Quarles Chats with Jasmine Reed The Author

Jasmine Reed The Author: What are some of the obstacles male models face?

Ron Quarles: I would say some are height for some that Is only because I’m 5″7 and the average height is 6″0 …another one would be gigs ..a lot of agencies or shows look for females

Jasmine Reed The Author: How do male models get gigs if most places are sexist?

Ron Quarles: I feel like you can’t be discouraged off of things like that if you push yourself you will find different jobs. .. When I say push yourself I mean branding yourself to the point that people are requesting for you seeing that a lot of people don’t look for male models.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Sounds like a plan! If you could move to any other city, would you?

Ron Quarles: Atlanta … Chicago or NYC ..

Jasmine Reed The Author:  What keeps you in Buffalo, NY?

Ron Quarles: Nothing really I just don’t want to move to another city and be struggling to make ends meet. I have custody of my younger sister she’s not 18 so she’s not really my younger sister LOL but she would be moving with me and she’s a big part of my support system so I don’t mind her tagging along it’s just I do a lot of thinking ahead and I know it will be somewhat of a struggle moving to another city with her.

Jasmine Reed The Author:  If someone handed you $50,000 to start a small business in Buffalo, what would you choose and why?

Ron Quarles: Yes I would start a business right here in Buffalo I dressed well and that’s not being conceited or cocky or anything but it’s definitely a creative side of me and a confident side as well so I would open up some type of styling Boutique and put the whole 50 into that Boutique.

Jasmine Reed The Author:  What are the most interesting skills you possess?

Ron Quarles: I can draw well, cook, dance, sprint and I catch on quick to things with full detail.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Cool. One more question: If you had to choose between ending world hunger and one billion dollars which would you choose?

Ron Quarles: Ending world hunger…. I was raised to never be greedy ..god has something in store for us all ..who knows that one billion may be a blessing one day ..I rather see less fortunate people or everyone in general eating some type of way Shape or form.

Jasmine Reed The Author: A man of great piety. I salute thee!