James Geary Chats with 716 Live

13315787_1115715218466657_5293363063485756469_n (1)Jasmine:  What made you get into rap?

James Geary: A desire to be culturally competent and excessively diverse. I was always a singer growing up but I recognized the art form of rap has origins  that tell a story and I am in the business of telling stories and making flows that  unleash the power of those stories. I also believe those stories are what impact our communities and I’m enjoy being a part of that process.

Jasmine: What is your favorite thing about the Cayman Islands?
James Geary: My favorite thing about this Islands is the melting pot of people who live here. With an island only 22 Square Miles long we have a diverse populous of over 120 different nationalities living and working in the community with one another. I believe this is a small picture of how we should live amongst one another and I am delighted to be a part of my community.
Jasmine: What is your favorite genre of music and why?
10698553_314263898768735_7337606498459473900_n (1)James Geary: For me that a tough one to answer. I would definitely say I draw closer to music that represents Diversity so I would say World Music and music that is demonstrative of living out one’s faith life.
Jasmine:  How has ReverbNation helped you as an artist?
James Geary: Reverberation has definitely allowed my fanbase to blossom more and it was Reverberation that helped me sell my first album on iTunes which was such an empowering process for me and it allowed to feel like a true artist.
Jasmine:  What inspired you to write “Lover of My Soul”?
James Geary: I made mention before about enjoying community in diversity and “Lover of My Soul” is that indeed. I am by definition what is known as a TCK (Third Culture Kid) which means I grew up in multiple countries outside of the one I was born. Lover of my Soul represent three core facets- Faith, Culture, Music. To be more specific the countries that are tied to this song are Jamaica, The United States, and the Cayman Islands. In the song I rap which is connected to my time spent living in Miami FL in the inner city, I dabble with reggae which comes from my islands heritage growing up in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, and lastly I do a little reggaeton which represents the heavy Spanish culture I found myself surrounded by in Miami as well.
Jasmine: What was your first performance like?
unnamed (1)James Geary: Nerve wrecking I am sure. I do recall performing once in Miami at age 14 and i completely butchered a song by the Kenoly Brothers entitled “You are my Joy” and I remember coming off stage and being told by a now good friend of mine that I should never sing again as my performance was awful. I remember that resonated with me but even in that chose not to give, give in, but rather to continuously be in the pursuit of excellence. To this day that’s my motto.
Jasmine:  What are your long-term goals?
James Geary: I have quite a few but to them all up based on priority. I would like to begin touring to different countries using my music as a means to promote social change with various communities that are in need of healing. I would like to be running my own record label and arts foundation within the next five years. I aim to empower, inspire and motivate
Jasmine: What advice do you have for aspiring rappers?
James Geary: Stay humbled, stay grounded, and trust in the process. And remember the purpose behind your art form; think deep before making a song and think about the impact it will have on your audience. Music transcends many limitations so be create and open to change. No matter where you are in life there is always room for growth so continue to build your craft and find pleasure in sharing it with the world. Thank you so much for the opportunity.