Ice Grill Melts with Jasmine Reed The Author

JRTA: What inspired you to pursue music?

Ice Grill: A chance situation I was in my early teens 13 or 14 and On my block hustling with my cousin when a van pulls up and A guy asks for one of my mans but he wasn’t around then he mentions he came thru to grab him to drop a track at the studio. We then Hop into the van and end up at World Dignity Studio on Lexington Ave In Rochester N.Y. I freestyled and was hooked ever since.

JRTA: What are your thoughts on this “shift” in hip hop?

Ice Grill: I think that music always evolves but in all honesty there way too much music that I don’t personally like. It all sounds pop-ish and redundant there’s  no wordplay cleverness or substance. It’s a nursery rhyme phase if it’s melodic repetitive then it’s a win. I miss that music you could relate to and feel those songs that created and catered to your specific moods.

JRTA: I know right? There is widespread coverage about Will Smith’s son going around in dresses. How do you feel about this?

Ice Grill: I feel like fashion has changed and shifted toward the worst From Guys wearing Uggs and dresses and becoming overly flamboyant. From the era of baggy jeans to fitted jeans so tight you can read a pulse thru em smh. Again to each his own but that’s just not my cup of tea I feel what I choose to wear is a reflection of me so for those who bend into certain trends may the force be with you. So I don’t cosign or condone his particular choices in fashion; not at all.

JRTA: If only mainstream media thought like us. What are your plans for 2016?

Ice Grill: Planning on dropping #BlackChalk2 with some big features then I have A secret E.P. finished with a producer who’s from Africa. Got A3C In ATL locked in for October and aiming to do a lot of shows in big cities this year.And Lining up to get back on Shade 45 both Tony Touch,  and Sway In The Morning. Just scratching off a lot of big accomplishments from my bucket list can’t blink if I do I could miss my shot.

JRTA: Aye. When you come to Buffalo, make sure to slide 716 Live some tickets smile emoticon Big things popping. Okay, what do you think about the lack of support local artists receive from mainstream entertainment?

Ice Grill: Most def I got you.

JRTA: What do you think about the lack of support local artists get from mainstream media?

Ice Grill: I think it’s a double-edged sword since we’re in the digital age mainstream isn’t what it use to be. SO the unsigned or independent artists have the edge hence a lot of local artists getting bigger features and media love via blogs and so on. If I would of tried to get SkyZoo Or Chris Rivers 8 or 9 years ago it would have been impossible but networking and having quality product helps tremendously. If you carry yourself businesslike it always works itself out.But if you don’t have quality material and a grind to reach countless perspective fans trust me you will be treated filthy these artists are like D Boy’s they can smell a Vic a mile away just stay on your P’s And Q’s and you can get yourself and your music in those same spotlight’s.

JRTA: What would you tell anyone who tried to compare Buffalo to NYC?

Ice Grill: I would say there worlds apart yet still in the same orbit because buffalo is in N.Y. But the size of New York City is ridiculous and the way it’s broken up is what set’s it apart. It’s not just an east, west, north, or south side it’s broken into countless burrows. But Buffalo has that feel to it like Rochester we have some of the coldest hustlers in the world plus killers and too much grime to fully disclose. So though there are countless differences we all share that same heartbeat and pulse it’s pure New York even if we’re considered upstate.

JRTA: Right! Okay last one, what advice do you have for 716 Live?

Ice Grill: Keep pushing and grinding the goal is to out plan and achieve greater than your main focus or goal. Stay cutting edge and appeal to your core audience and never stray away from your passion and heart. As long as you stay loyal to your supporters your mag will always stay successful.


JRTA: Thanks for the dope interview.