Frigid Giant Chats with Jasmine Reed The Author

JRTA: Why should people listen to your music?

Frigid Giant: Because it’s honest, insightful and It is, it’s own sound.  I try to make my music sound contemporary without biting styles while keeping classic elements present.

JRTA: Where is the craziest place you have ever performed?

Frigid Giant: I once opened for a traveling sideshow outside of Boston Mass.  It was tight though, because I didn’t have to deal with other rappers.  The crowd was into my set for what it was and then the attention moved to the sideshow.  I can now say that I’ve shared the stage with a woman who crushed cinder blocks with her boobs…

JRTA: LMAO. How much was she paid to do that?

Frigid Giant: Idk I’d imagine a decent amount, they tour the country as well and have people from television in their group, like contortionists from America’s Got Talent etc, and some pornstar was the host of the event. You asked for crazy.

JRTA:  Awesome. What inspired you to write “Rhythm Roulette”?

Frigid Giant:  Are you familiar with Mass Appeals “Rhythm Roulette”?


Frigid Giant: So I would say my inspiration for that would be that I make beats almost everyday.  I create, I chop, I sample.  I’m always trying to make more opportunities for myself, so I figured showcasing my abilities in the same format would reach out to a bigger crowd. 

JRTA: Do you prefer making beats or emceeing?

Frigid Giant: Great question.  I’ve always rapped.  I started to make hip hop music when I was young, and that includes making beats, but mine were terrible so I moved on.  Fast forward to when I really started putting out a lot of music.  I never had enough beats, or my collaborators were keeping the real raw joints to themselves, or I just didn’t want to pay for something I knew I could make myself.  I bought a used MPC1000 off my boy Chaotik and forced myself to learn it.  I basically slept with that thing.

JRTA: Sounds very cost efficient. Do you think there are differences between rapping and emceeing?

Frigid Giant: I think every emcee wants to make a project that they solely produce.  So I started doing just that, now its been 3-4 years and I’m way more focused on beatmaking.  It’s a loaded question though, because I will always love rapping, But… I love the anonymity of producing, rapping, emceeing, are just words to describe how you’re talking to a crowd.

JRTA: Last one, What’s up for 2016?

Frigid Giant: In the more traditional sense emceeing is more of the showmanship, interacting with the crowd, where as rap is just like spitting bars.  I don’t think it’s that deep anymore to draw comparison. 2016 is halfway over,  I spent all of 2015 on a project that I scrapped.  I got hours of material in the vault.  Expect a full-length project and a beat tape.

JRTA: Let’s get it! Thanks for the interview!