Dr. CK chats with Jasmine

Dr. CK is a world renowned pharmacist and fitness motivator taking the industry by storm! We’re so happy we got a chance to chat with this brilliant mind!



Jasmine Reed The Author: What made you want to become a pharmacist?

Dr. CK: I was born in a family where health and science were predominant. For example, my mother has been a pharmacist over 30 years and is still practicing up to this day. Therefore, it’s easy to understand that I was familiar with the health field environment. What I love about pharmacy is the constant interaction and communication that is necessary to provide good care to the patients.

Jasmine Reed The Author: How does being an entrepreneur differ from having a 9-5?

Dr. CK: Being an entrepreneur means that you have to be ready to grind everyday. Yes, you make your own schedule. However, this means that you will have to display lots of discipline to keep going forward towards your goals and objectives.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Why is fitness important?

Dr. CK: Fitness was for a long time viewed as something that is reserved for professional athletes. As the years have passed, people have realized that fitness provides overall well being and good health. Being fit and staying active allows one to be mentally and physically healthy. To me, fitness is so important because it makes a person physically rich. Think of it this way: you can be financially rich, but if you don’t have health what’s the use?

Jasmine Reed The Author: Any tips for new entrepreneurs?

Dr. CK: Yes, I actually have a few! Stay positive and open minded (Bruce Lee quote “water can take any shape be like water”). Don’t let negativity affect you. People will often try to talk you out of your dreams and goals just keep going forward. As you go forward your circle of friends will probably get narrower. Respect everyone rich or poor. At the end of the day, we are all human beings.

Jasmine Reed The Author: What’s next for you?

Dr. CK: I will have a YouTube Channel specifically for more health and fitness tips with the name of Pharmathlete just like my Snapchat and Instagram. My goal is to provide to as many people as possible quality information so they can improve their own health and fitness. Bigger plans for the future are the start of my own clothing line and fitness gear as well as more traveling for more opportunities. Lots of adventures to come!








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