Don Scuzz

don against the wall

Jasmine Reed: What kind of weed do you smoke on the 33?

Don Scuzz: lol my favorite is purp an sour. But my mans usually gets a lil of everything. Rite now im smokin on Northern Lights, if u was here i would swing it lmao
Jasmine Reed: Where do you get inspiration for your dance moves?

Don Scuzz: lol I dont know I just wanted to get ppl dancin when I rap, I jive just try to come out my body a little an go with the flow. I jus wanna be as jiggy as Drake in hotline bling an Ill be good to go lol

Jasmine Reed: What obstacles do Buffalo Rappers face?

Don Scuzz: Basically if u break down the numbers theres like 2 million people in the whole WNY right? Lets say 1 mil live in/ around the city of buffalo, Say half of them are over 40 years old and arent the target audience, thats 500,000 people, lets say HALF of those people dont even listen to rap music, thats 250,000 left to market yo shit to. Versus places like NYC an atlanta an chicago, where u got at least a million or two

Jasmine Reed: Why limit yourself to marketing only in Buffalo? Why not market everywhere?

Don Scuzz: We absolutely wanna market everywhere, but from what Ive experienced wit label reps an shit, they not gonna make a move on you til you buzzin, Milli + views. So for a guy like me, what are my options, start locally an branch out, or branch out an hope my city comes around to me eventually
I feel its easier to get a name in ya city first an then make outta town moves
i work a minimum wage job so that $800 worldstar spot is definetly alot heavier for me than someone makin show money
Jasmine Reed: I never thought of it that way. mind blown. What is your favorite thing about Buffalo?

Don Scuzz: Food for sure

Jasmine Reed: What made you want to rap?

Don Scuzz: I wanted to rap my whole life ever since i heard lose yourself in like 2nd grade
i jus always was shitty until like highschool

Jasmine Reed: Cool.What are your plans for 2016?

Don Scuzz: videos videos videos and then prolly a video or sumthn
Theres more shit but i Cant jus give it away now could I?this interview was cool as hell

Thanks! Ttyl