The Unheard City

Long nights, busy streets, tainted minds and forgotten dreams. So many unspoken words, so many lost voices. A world of unknown is all around us. Yet we stay within the limits we have set for ourselves. No traveling due to lack of funds, culturally ignorant because of the lack of education.  There is of course Buffalo New York. The lost city. The city completely underestimated. In need of a bright light to show that we do stand out. As a city we have created our own communities. Created a place for every religion, every race, and for all the artists and musicians. We are not fully lost. We have unity in many aspects, which is a good foundation for a successful atmosphere. We are lacking one thing… We lack the exposure.buffalo skyline The Unheard City

We are in need of an opportunity to showcase the talents hidden within these lost voices and dark streets. Buffalo is more than the crime we have endured. Much more than just a piece of land with floating souls. 716 Live has been a platform for many artists to get the light needed to show the abilities once suppressed. Helping to bring ears and eyes the local Buffalo citizens. As a city we should pride ourselves on the potential we have. Taking a moment to think about the young and old neighbors with ideas for a brighter Buffalo. Can we make ourselves a mainstream city? Can we become the place people flock to for more than amazing food and a beautiful falls?

Music has taken the control of many minds, influencing every single person around us. We have the talent, why not use it to bring new life to this now darkened place. Any single person  can change the world. Now imagine if we stood strong together. Musically, emotionally, and even physically. 2 is better than 1, but only if the 2 are greater than the independent 1. There are many “2’s” in Buffalo. The city itself is the 1,  with a certain title that we shouldn’t always embrace. We can be greater than just one. Greater than just a title. Why don’t we all work together to create the stage needed for ourselves and future talent? Why travel elsewhere to find an opportunity when we can create our own here? It’s time Buffalo. Now is our time.