“Couch Potato” by Sum’er

That Couch Looking Awfully Good Huh man?

Couch Potato

No one ever said life was easy as the old saying goes and with time some of the best times in our lives can come with some indescribable rewards and struggles that can make us sometimes forget about all of the positive things around us, even in a small place like buffalo and the towns all around us! Sometimes we have to be reminded to enjoy life! For some that may be having a day with silent peace, a book about worldly discoveries and for others this might be a weekly night out at the club getting down but no matter what we always have to remember that we only have one life and letting it just pass us by is a NO GO!

My nae is Jessica Miller also known as the artist “Sum’er” (pronounced summer). I’m a local singing/song writer, musician, up and coming business owner of a program called “Anything Arts” that is currently in its beginning stages. I never knew how much buffalo had to offer in my younger years and I was often described as a couch potato always with a guitar or sketch pad in my hands with dreams of one day being a super star…dreams I still have, but I wanted to explore my city one day just didn’t know where to start! Like most people I had no clue how to find the “cool creative scene” in a city that seems like its drama at every corner. It wasn’t until last year that I began my journey and I must say I was more than happy with everything I discovered, the people I’ve met, the experiences that I was able to have, and the opportunities that have opened up for me and continue to in so many ways!

If it’s anything that I can do or share with others about almost anything I will and that also includes advice as well! So expect tons of that as well as things going on in our community, events, health, single parenting, it’s just so much that I have to say and share with you about buffalo, traveling, and many different topics every week along with something cool to do every week!! Don’t be a “Couch Potato” I hope you enjoy my blogs about getting up and enjoying life! … even the little things that seem to just past us by faster than we can catch the greatness in them.