Cee Gee: Classical Gifted

Classical Gifted, Where Have You Been?

Producer and Dj Cee Gee, 27, has shaken up the music scene all through out the city with his unique and original beats. As a child growing up in the 90’s era he was heavily influenced by the decades’ twist on hip hop. From cassette tapes to music videos on the television Cee Gee found himself intrigued by the music world. He began making mixes using cassettes and a stereo right at home. He’d search through all the vinyls in the house and pick out which songs he wanted to mix. Then recorded them on cassette tapes. As Cee Gee got older he began to collect vinyls, CDs and cassettes that he would purchase from stores and even yard sales. His collection has grown so much over the years that he’s looking for a bigger space to put them all. Although he hasn’t added much this year he’s definitely not done making additions to his collection.

As time went on Cee Gee noticed the shift in hip hop in the early 2000’s. Although he had aspirations of being a DJ, a relative of his introduced him to the studio and showed Cee Gee how to make beats. Cee Gee didn’t even purchase his first beat machine until 2016. Some of Cee Gee’s biggest musical influences include but aren’t limited to DJ Premier, Q-Tip, and RZA. Although they inspired a lot of his music, exploring the music scenery for himself had a huge impact. In the midst of networking he managed to cross paths with some of the city’s elites. Cee Gee makes it very clear that he is a huge fan of Griselda Records artists Conway and Westside Gunn. Cee Gee actually met Conway through Westside Gunn at a release party. The rest is history! Cee Gee hopes to one day produce a song or even an album for Conway. With the connections he’s already made, his hopes of working with Conway may happen sooner than we think.

Cee Gee wants to travel more and experience different cultures that way he can apply those inspirations to his music as well as the knowledge he already has. Cee Gee released his highly anticipated album “The Research” earlier this year on May 20th which is actually his birthday. At first Cee Gee was only going to release this one album but he decided to start working on some follow up projects. Most recently he released his EP “1990” about a month ago. He’s working on another album he plans on releasing in 2018 called “Classical Gifted”. The original name for the album was going to be “Classified Gifted”. He had a changed of heart and instead of using that name he switched it to “Classical”. Cee Gee is also producing an album alongside Frigid Giant that is called “Green Giant” which should be released this upcoming year. Not only is he releasing music but he’s also working on “The Self Documentary of Cee Gee”. He’s worked with Mad Dukez, MileHighMuzik, Dmagic, Old Souls and many more. Cee Gee is definitely creating his own lane in the Buffalo music scene. If you haven’t heard of Cee Gee, where have you been? The impact he’s making in music speaks for itself.