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Cchoke Productions   Well I have to laugh because it’s so ridiculous! But we actually talk about this a lot, like a lot of people probably do, and it’s actually really scary. Not even so much about what would happen with him running the country, of course that’s terrifying, but the amount of people that WANT to see it happen is what’s scarier! It really opens our eyes to what too many people truly think and feel, and it’s really crazy to see, didn’t realize there were so many truly ignorant people in the world. So much to say about this b******* it could be a f****** book by the time we  done.      


716Live lol pretty much… I can’t believe he actually has a chance at winning… Like you said it shows what people truly think. Hopefully Sanders won’t let that happen but it ultimately depends on the voters.


716Live So why this industry? Why Music?


Cchoke Productions Yes exactly.  Back when I was a teenager living in the Bronx my Uncle was a Dj,  and he used to have me and my cousin help him with his events. So that really kind of started my interest. Then we met in ’99 and have both always been music lovers. In about 2002, in the college days, we would chill and have some of my boys from school come by and I would put on beats and everyone would write and we’d do cyphers in my living room. Starting with that I realized how much I loved being on the creating side of music. By ’05, when we moved in together, we were ready to really pursue it together on more of a business level.


716Live So you 2 have been doing this for a while. What changes have you seen in the music industry over the years that have benefited and/ or hurt artist and producers?


Cchoke Productions Well there’s been alot on both sides. Of course the obvious change over the years has been technology and the internet. It’s given just about anyone who’s interested access to programs, beats and other tools needed to make music independently. And of course unlimited ways to get your music out there. The problem with that is that now the independent scene has become saturated with music that, in alot of cases, has lost content and originality. The plus side to this is that there seems to be a trend now toward bringing back real lyrical content and original beats and those artists definitely stand out.  


716Live True. Hopefully real shit will take over again!


716Live Where do you see Cchoke Productions 5 years from now?


Cchoke Productions Our goal is to continue to grow with the services that we already provide, as well as expand to offering new services. We plan on offering management and promotion services, and at some point expanding to a full independent label and begin to sign artists and add to our team.    


Cchoke Productions Nice! Appreciate the talk with you. Any shout outs last thoughts and let people know how they can reach you.


Cchoke Productions   Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us! We just wanna shout out all the independent artists out there putting in real work! If we’re working that means ya’ll are working – so keep pushin!


 You can reach us on our website – also on at, where you can also see a lot of our past work.

We can also be reached through email at or by phone at 1 888 530 2272.     


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