Brennon Anderson

Brennon Anderson

716 Live: You get 1 million dollars to use on Indie-Visuals within 24hrs, how do you spend it?

Brennon Anderson: Have to spend it all ? and is this investable money ?
716 Live: Yes, Yes.

Indie Visuals

Brennon Anderson: Set up a legal department. a legitimate PR/Promo department would get hired  as well as  a deal large enough to get my artists through the year comfortable after they quit their current jobs would be in arrangement with bonuses of course. I would also purchase a LARGE facility to house my headquarters….warehouse ..and then invest around 300K keeping 100K-200K in an account for anything that may happen to arise because that obviously happens allll the time.

716 Live: Smart. What is your main goal with Indie-Visuals?
Brennon Anderson: To overall raise the awareness to the artists in the city by showing people outside of the city we have talent here and also helping other artists interested  in getting a more professional outlook on music do so.  I think since the IV name has come about and a few other companies/crews there has been a new standard set ..Everyones playing for the same team now it seems opposed to 5 years ago or so when everyone was at each others necks over a 16 bar verse 12 people heard on facebook.  I just see it happening less and less  and it needs to  for us to be taken seriously as a music city.

716 Live: Currently, what projects do you have in the works?
Brennon Anderson: I have a few things on the way/in the works. I currently have 2 projects coming out but not for a bit. which are with my new artists 3AM and A.C. Mackenzie’s solo project As well as MY FIRST solo project. Ive been producing for locals and others online since 2006 but i never put a solo project complete of my works out. So this year that will be coming.

716 Live: Will Brennon spit a verse at all on this project??????
Brennon Anderson: Im not one to vocalize, as you know I put on a ton of shows and I may have said one word over the mic haha. Now I will say I may add something to this project vocally but I highly doubt it will be a verse from me, But I wont disregard the possibility.

716 Live: lol haa cool. Can’t wait to hear it. ight it was cool talkin to you. Any shout outs, thank yous and links list below.
Brennon Anderson: Nice talking to you as well. Looking forward to the mag. Thank you to buffalo rappers, J Heat and 716 Live for the interview. I also wanna thank Buffalo as a whole, My team of course! L-Biz , Bogustice, The whole Dead Trash Mob Crew, The EVC boys Chuckie Campbell, G Premacy and a big shout out to my homie T.E.I.N a very talented dancer we are working with as well! Be on the lookout for his videos!

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