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Soul Food by Trice Reign 

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It Is Sum’er

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SOUL FOOD: Are You Husband Material?

The most popular thing that I constantly hear men say about women when thinking of a potential mate is “IsRead More »

"Taking Charge!!!" by Sum'er

How many times have you said you were going to do something and really believed that you had what itRead More »

Change in Perspective

 I watched a video yesterday about how the parents of a 3 year old with a rare form of leukemiaRead More »

"Couch Potato" by Sum'er

That Couch Looking Awfully Good Huh man? No one ever said life was easy as the old saying goes andRead More »

The Art of Letting Go by Trice Reign

How many times have we heard in our life to “Let go”? You know the story. “Let go of theRead More »

A Breakup Letter

Dear Past, It’s Time For Us To Break Up How many years have we had together? A lot I know.Read More »