Blak Jak

blak jak cover
Jasmine: What is music?

Blak Jak: Music is inspiration: i mean can you imagine life without music.. No.. I guess for me music is life. All different genre’s, all different styles, if i can touch a few people a day i will die happy.

Jasmine: Great! What else is on your bucket list?

Blak Jak: Me my brother “willie staxx ” and my fam “reemo keelo” and the homie “l- biz” just finished a song for the #pure series called #hustle.. I got my first album “blak magic” finish just a few small steps before i release it. Mid summer. Almost done with second album which will be out winter 17. Few other things but I’ll wait to show those.

Jasmine: Awesome. What was it like growing up in WNY?

Blak Jak: It was sweet in my early days, no real worries i was spoiled as hell lol, but once i got a little older and defiant. Became much worse. It was no more people doing everything you want them to do for you. As you start doing things your family don’t condone in they draw back from u a little, but u still want the thing you are use to having. So you either get it yourself or not have it, which is not an option. You start doing what seems to be working for those that came up around you but before you.. You learn to do these things an it becomes a part of your everyday struggle.

Jasmine: That’s deep. WHat is the difference between rap and poetry?

Blak Jak: Well me being one of the few artist left that still believe in poetry, i would say. Besides the easy fact that it’s a beat behind your words, it more heart felt while writing poems. And more of a mental thing with rap far as your memories, your dreams, and if you’re like me you like to write a song an the end of your night about the day you had. Its called Rhythm And Poetry, but now days it’s not as frequent as it was

Jasmine: So true!It instead has turned into Nursery Rhymes about crime!lmao

Blak Jak: Lmaoo foreal tho. Nursery rhymes and if u mentioning doing drugs getting drunk and big asses you will get rich. Lol

Jasmine: Right. So what is it about rap that made you want to do it?

Blak Jak: It’s funny you asked me that because my mom just asked that. Honestly i would say doing things that people don’t agree with leaves you in a spot where you hold in an cant talk to no one about things, rather it’s because you feel bad about it yourself, no one will understand or because you can’t mention it.. Rap will become someone that live the life i live first form of counseling. And if anyone says anything you can just say “it’s just a song” lmao. But once you get it of your chest you feel better. On another note. I look at all the other opportunities that come along with being a rapper. Model clothes, movies, clothing lines, sneakers, and so much more.. It just seems like the best way.

Jasmine: And don’t forget: the cover of magazines! What obstacles do independent rappers face compared to those that are signed to a label?

Blak Jak: You’re right. Everyone want to be on a magazine one day. Too many obstacles. The first one that actually stood out to me so far this last year to two is that fact that i am hearing much better music from indy artist that are signed. Also something that may not seem bad, but to much creative control can limit you or have you over doing it. As a signed artist you have promo companies promoting you. Everywhere. Being indy an starting in your city can cause you to promote to people you don’t stand a chance with. When in my shoes i have had big disagreements that turned out in bad ways or with beefs that never really get resolved. How do you expect them and those close to you to accept you.

Close to them i mean

Jasmine: That’s crazy. You would think that those in your own town would be lined up supporting you but just not the case. Ok last one, how can an indy artist get past the obstacle that is the people in their own community?

Blak Jak: Damn i must say one word i hate to hear and say.. I DON’T KNOW. In most cities i may have a clue. In buffalo i have no clue. Here if you not part of a certain click or crew no one really wanna see you in a certain position. What I’m doing now is making sure i am one any and all internet promotional services. Most of them are free of charge and please know your worth. We are all helping out soundcloud and youtube and other sites when we give them music to people to hear for free. But number 1 is find promo companies out of town and pay for their services. You will be as good as the money you are paying so the more you pay the more they work. Unless you want to pay promoters in your home town, but just keep in mind for your money you are paying to promote to people that you can promote to yourself

Jasmine: Very insightful. Thanks for the awesome interview. See you in the mag!

Blak Jak: See u and thank you for this awesome opportunity