Ben Prescott chats with Jasmine


Jasmine Reed The Author: What is your favorite thing about Canada?

Ben Prescott: My favourite thing about Canada is the wilderness. We have some of the most challenging and endless terrain in the entire world, and also one of the smallest and most spread out populations. Other than the main population centres such as Vancouver and Toronto, you have pretty much free range to explore by whatever means necessary. Some parts of Canada, such as in Northern Quebec for example, can only be reach by a combination of charter boats, float planes, and long hikes deep into the backcountry. My favourite way of exploring is by snowmobile, even though I haven’t had the opportunity to get out much in the last few years. Growing up having spent endless days in the Caribou region of British Columbia with my grandfather, I learned how to snowmobile, and also how to drive a boat and an ATV, all of which grant you access to different types of terrain.

Jasmine Reed The Author: How do you prepare for adventures?

Ben Prescott: The first thing I do when preparing for an adventure is always to research it as much as possible. A quick Google search can actually be very enlightening. Beyond that, talking to people with experience in that particular region will always provide very detailed information. Another big asset has been a hiking book. In any recently published hiking book, there will be dozens of epic hikes; more than enough to get you through a summer of backpacking or a winter of snowshoeing.

Jasmine Reed The Author: What is the best camera to use and why?

Ben Prescott: The best camera to use is always the one that suits your needs, and that can vary from something very simple such as a point-and-shoot camera or phone, all the way up to a cinema rig costing tens of thousands of dollars. In my case, I have been able to produce quality photo work for two years on a Canon 6D, which is Canon’s most basic full-frame camera. It has great colours and produces a good RAW file, but now that I am doing video work, it will be beneficial to upgrade my camera to something that can do both photo and video well. I currently have my eye on the Canon 1DXii because of it’s near-cinema-quality video file selection, while also maintaining a superior colour profile and low-light photo capability.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Have you considered writing a book about your adventures?

Ben Prescott: I haven’t considered writing a book yet, no, but I have few ideas for a photo book. It will be less like an autobiography, and more like a coffee table book.

Jasmine Reed The Author: What are your plans for 2018?

Ben Prescott: My plans for 2018 are to travel as much as possible with friends, whereas last year I did a lot of solo travelling. I am beginning to see that it is more important to me to share experiences with people I care about than to just do things on my own all the time. It takes a lot more pre-planning and research to be able to pull off a successful group trip, but it’s so worth it.









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