Balistic Man chats with JRTA

Jasmine: What is music?

Balistic Man: Music to me is like breathing. It’s life

Jasmine: What is it like having your CD in a major retail chain store?

Balistic Man: It’s obtainable for the masses.

Jasmine: What made you get into music?

Balistic Man: Growing up listening to music & being so appreciative of it.

Jasmine: Interesting. Tell me more!

Balistic Man: Well I come from a versatile background when it comes to music. I grew up in an Italian/ Puerto Rican household so I had a wide variety of music. From Frank Sinatra to Selena. Elvis Presley to Elvis Crespo. Then I got into Hip Hop growing up. Listening to a lot of Pac & hearing the things he said. It was what made me want to get into Hip Hop.

Jasmine: Awesome! So how did you come up with your stage name?

Balistic Man: When I was young I was bad as fuck my grandma would say shit like “You don’t listen, you’re ballistic!” I never had a stage name when I first started rapping but some of the shit I’d say we’re a little crazy & felt it fit me at the time so I said fuck it and turned something negative into something positive. When I got older and finished my prison bid I added Man at the end because I felt like I grew into a man. Even though I can get Balistic, I’m still a man, so that’s where Balistic Man came from.

Jasmine: Good shit bro. What are your goals with this music?

Balistic Man: To take it to the top. No question about it. I went from sitting in a Prison Cell to Grammy ballots. So if you want to know what my goal is its to take it all the way. Be successful in the right way!

Jasmine: Smart thinking! What advice do you have for new artists?

Balistic Man: Be persistent. Think outside the box. Network and work with artist a few levels above you. Trying to jump all the way to the top isn’t impossible but it usual doesn’t happen that way. If that doesn’t work (because let’s be honest everyone thinks they’re going to blow in one night) then try working with people a few levels above that will be more inclined to work with a upcoming artist. Also invest. If you don’t invest in yourself no one else will. This is a BUSINESS at the end of the day. As an artist I love the craft & I’m passionate about music & can make great music all day but we’re in a business. So as long as you understand that you’ll go far

Jasmine: Thanks for the awesome interview!