Ayana John

ayana john

Jasmine:  What is your favorite thing about your hometown?


Ayana John: I enjoy the weather in Barbados. I appreciate it even more since living overseas and returning. The laid back energy of the island is very refreshing and can become addictive if you don’t have a plan for your work days. The people are very candid and open about their feelings and are not afraid to share it with you solicited or unsolicited, meaning they are real.


Jasmine:  What is your favorite genre of music and why?


Ayana John: I enjoy World & Reggae Music. I like that it is not regarded as part of the mainstream due to the fact that I like music that deviates from the norm. I love the ability to experiment with a wider range of indigenous genres prevalent in the Caribbean, which adds to my ability to be creative.


Jasmine:  What does it take to be successful in the music industry?


Ayana John: To be successful in music, (and any industry for that matter) is to have credibility and a strong sense of self; a willingness to never give up no matter the obstacle. Also the ability to be fluid and malleable enough to embrace different ideals. Always be open to negotiation by not letting one’s ego become a factor in making decisions that inevitably will make sense.


Jasmine: What inspired you to write “Everyone Falls” ?


Ayana John: I wanted to impress upon everyone listening that falling in love is part of life. The mistakes one makes in a relationship should never hold one back from trying to find their perfect made. You live; you learn.


Jasmine: What are your short term goals?


Ayana John: I am the lead singer of  a World Reggae Barbadian band called “Steady Rockin”. We will be releasing our debut album in January 2017, so we’re spending the year finishing our songs, and getting promotional activities scheduled to prepare for its launch.


Jasmine: What advice do you have for 716 Live?


Ayana John: Caribbean artists are about to get a surge in popularity never seen before because they come from a different perspective that the world is thirsty to experience more and more. Keep finding these newer island acts and doing these incredible interviews!!!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ayana.johnbb?qsefr=1