The world has many artists that deserve a place in the spotlight. This article will encompass talent from all over the world! Without further ado, 716 Live is proud to present: ARTISTS TO WATCH WORLDWIDE!

Lil Ghost

Lil Ghost is an upcoming Florida artist dropping new songs.


The newest release isn’t just a solo one. It’s called Sexy Girl by veteran singer/songwriter Fredrick aka Fred The Voice featuring me. The music video for Sexy Girl has been released on my Facebook Page but will officially release on his channel on the first week of next month.

As for me, I’m Aaron Johnson AKA “Godson” a California native producer/songwriter/illustrator/rapper. And I also have merch shop. If people use the code GODSON15 they can save %15 off at the shop: For custom music, vocals, art, and more, email: for booking/business inquiries!


My real name is Nik Tontic but i perform and create under the name OG $LUM$. Currently, I am 20 years old living in a small country called Slovenia in Europe. I am working on a project that will be done for the Summer  of 2017. It’s all about the chill melodies it will be called :   6 3 2 0. I just have one song released and it’s with 2 producers from Europe.  You can hear the song which is preview to tape 6 3 2 0. On my SoundCloud! Its all about the vibes just close your eyes and listen to this song!


Hey! My name is Anthony. I make live modular synth recordings under the name B4ckSp43. I started making electronic music in ’06. Just within this last year I moved to the Eurorack Modular format. I have influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Morton Subotnick. I just recently recorded a four song EP called Stekker which will be released via my own label B4ckSp4c3 R3c. It’s being manufactured by Solid Mfg. I Decided to do a limited run 12″ 45RPM Splatter Vinyl. Please support my hustle by visiting my GoFundMe link and check out my music!

Taurean la’Del

The Artist

Taurean la’Del (Taurean Williamson) is an on the rise neo-soul and jazz artist in the southern region of Mississippi. Taurean was born and raised in Waynesboro,MS where he was brought up in the church singing. Although gospel will forever be his musical roots, he knew that his gift was bigger than the church choir. The love for his specified genre of music grew heavy in his college career. This was the time that he started to branch out and realize that “feel good music” is what he preferred.

The Artist’s Music Education

Taurean la’Del graduated with honors from Wayne County High School in 2008. In his high school career Taurean was in concert choir and presentation choir from 2004-2006. From 2006-2008 he was apart of “Orange Sensations” a competition based show choir. Once Taurean graduated he was immediately presented with a scholarship for Pearl River Community College for their show choir “River Road”, choral group “PRCC Singers”, and a twelve group ensemble “The Voices”. While he was attending this college,2008-2011, Taurean studied Music education with vocal as a concentration. He furthered his education at William Carey University. Taurean is gospel rooted, classically trained, and is able to perform to the masses.

The Artist’s Music

On May 7, 2016 Taurean’s very first single “Be the One” was released on every digital outlet across the world. This single was influenced by the lack of love and loyalty in music today. His single paints a picture of complete faithfulness and companionship for a love he yet has.
Taurean’s most recent project is  truly a work of art. As a matter of fact that’s what it is titled. “Work of Art” was released November 18,2016. The artistry described in this single is immaculate. With a pen and pad,his canvas, Taurean executed lyrics that people of all races, genders, and sexual preference could relate to.
Taurean is currently working on his very first album “I AM”. This uniquely blended sound of music is one album that will have you appreciating true artistry all over again. “I AM” is scheduled to be released June 5, 2017.

The Artist’s Impact

Neo-Soul is a mixture of smooth R&B and Soul with a hint of Jazz. This music is sometimes overlooked. Taurean’s ideal goal is to help keep this music alive whether the time is now or later. A lot of times the world miss out on true love stirring music. He wants to bring that sense of warmth and soul back to the hearts of people. One of his favorite quotes is “God gets the glory, and I have fun”. He is a firm believer that his gift will make room for him.

The Artist’s Accomplishments:

●Grand Mogul Magazine’s 2017 R&B Artist of the Year.
●Featured as “Indie Highlights”  on “The Harbor” an Atlanta podcast.
●Pine Belt Idol Winner 2012.

Has been featured in magazines such as:
●Incline Magazine
●TNE Magazine
●Soul and Peaches Magazine
●Skilly Magazine
●Grand Mogul Magazine
●The Heat Magazine
●Music Crowns
●The Hood Hippie

Listen to Work Of Art by Taurean La’del #np on #SoundCloud!

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