Angie Watkins chats with Jasmine

Representing Singapore, Angie Watkins has excelled in the modeling industry. Still in her early twenties, she is a shining example of what all models should strive to be. Check out her interview below!


Jasmine Reed The Author: What made you want to become a model?

Angie Watkins: Playing dress-up as a kid was always my favourite thing to do! So, as I grew up, I started to watch TV and saw all these models “playing dress up”. It was love at first sight. I would copy the models’ runway walks, put on my mom’s high heels and fancy dresses, and prance around the house. When I learned I could turn everything I was doing into a career, I couldn’t help but want to give it a shot and hey, guess I’m lucky it all worked out! Haha

Jasmine Reed The Author: Can you recommend any photographers?

Angie Watkins: Although he’s not actually a photographer, more a videographer, my favourite shoot I’ve ever done and one of the most talented people I’ve ever met is definitely Chromata Films on Instagram.

Jasmine Reed The Author: What was it like participating in Asia’s Next Top Model?

Angie Watkins: Definitely an experience I will never forget. It was extremely stressful, exhausting, pressuring, nerve-racking, but at the same time one of the best things I’ve ever done. In between all the serious bits, I was pretty much 24/7 in fits of cry-laughter because all the girls in the house (as well as the camera/sound crew & producers/directors) were just so incredible. I can truly say I not only made lifelong friends with the girls, but definitely with the crew as well. It was my first time ever doing something like that, being away from my friends and family, and competing against others in a competition that would be seen all over Asia, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.


Jasmine Reed The Author: Where is your favorite place to visit?

Angie Watkins: AUSTRALIAAAAAAAAA! I’m half Australian, and I can say without a doubt Melbourne is my favourite city on Earth. The food, the people, the weather… Ahhhh, I’d kill to go back.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Any tips for new models?

Angie Watkins: Stand tall, shoulders back, chin up. Take care of your skin. Take care of your body and be aware of what you put in it. Never, EVER, let anyone tell you to do something you are not comfortable with – just say no. If you’re not naturally confident, fake it (I still do this all the time). Smile. Always. Find your good angle (I found out that when I have my chin down and look up I look like the Grudge. Finding this out has saved me a lot of failed photos)! HAHA

Jasmine Reed The Author: What are your plans for 2018?

Angie Watkins: I am actually planning to go back to school! It’s important to me that I further my studies in the one area I’ve always been interested in – Veterinary Medicine (but you can always count that I’ll be doing modelling on the side). 😉











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