The Big East Blackout

Running Time : 60 – 90 minutes
Show Description :

THE BIG EAST BLACKOUT (created by Damon Palmer aka The Indelible Dame-O and featuring co-hosts Kins, DJ Feenyx from The Resurgence and J-Heat), explores the wide world of Hip Hop from the past to the present. In each episode listeners can expect to hear INTELLIGENT discussions with the hosts and a recurring cast of guests about different topics that are happening or have happened in Hip Hop.Big East Blackout’s goal is more than entertainment.  It’s goal is to make you think,  and have you feeling like you’re having a conversation with your crew.

The Big East Blackout "Making A List , Checking It Twice "

The Big East Blackout - "Veteranz Day"

The Big East Blackout - "Who Rhymes Harder"

In Episode # 5 the BIG East Blackout podcast is joined by Emcee/Actor/Author Fonz Carter who stops by with his team to discuss his new album and book “NEVADA’S DEATH” …. Check it out …. a DEEP conversation about mistakes and redemption


The Big East Blackout - " XTRA LARGE "

The Indelible Dame-O and the squad welcome 716 Live Show co-host Dillion XL to the Big East Blackout to discuss all sorts of Hip Hop related goodies ….


The Big East Blackout - " That's French for BLACK "

The crew is joined by emcee extraordinaire Che’ Noir as she discusses how she got her start , influences and her music …. we also talk about shade thrown Nas‘ way by a rookie NBA player …. DON’T MISS IT !!!!


The Big East Blackout – “I've Been Drinking “

The Indelible Dame-O gets tipsy off of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and talks about Female Emcees , and a bunch of other topics with co- hosts Kins , J-Heat , DJ Feenyx and special guests BoGustice and Indeed Love ….. Che – Check it oooooout !!!!

The Big East Blackout - "BRING THE RUKKUS 2 YOU SUCKAS "

In the 1st episode of Season 2 , Dame – O , Kins , Jay Heat and DJ Feenyx welcome REBEL RADIO 716 ‘s own DJ RUKKUS …. it’s a 716 LIVE family affair as we discuss how Rukkus got his start Deejaying and the convo digresses into what is Hip Hop …. fiery debate all around !!!!


The Big East Blackout - She's No Longer Divorced

The crew discusses the new album by Kendrick Lamar , the tomfoolery of Troy Ave and more in the hilarious season 1 finale

The Big East Blackout - " A FACE MADE FOR RADIO"

In Episode # 6 “A FACE MADE FOR RADIO” The Indelible Dame – O and Jay Heat welcome new co-hosts Kins (pronounced Keenz) and DJ Feenyx to the BIG East Blackout as they discuss the Female Emcee aka FEMCEE and it’s place in Hip Hop ; also why are the HYPER SEXUALIZED Female emcees always the most popular ?

The Big East Blackout - " 3 Tha' Hard Way "

In Episode # 5 , The Indelible Dame -O , J-Heat and guest co – host (and producer) Abztrakt Beatzz welcome producers Program and DeBug to the show to discuss producers and production in Hip Hop … also everyone on the panel gives their TOP 10 Favorite Producers of all time.


The Big East Blackout - Let Them Fight !!!

In Episode # 4 , The Indelible Dame- O , J-Heat and Molecule are joined by DJ Feenyx as they discuss the Remy Ma / Nicki Minaj beef and beef in general in Hip Hop.


The Big East Blackout - THE WRITING'S ON THE WALL

In Episode #3 , The Indelible Dame – O , Molecule and Jay Heet sit down with Graffiti artist turned Painter Vinny Alejandro aka CRIME1 to discuss his thoughts and views on the art of Graffiti and it’s place in Hip Hop

Big East Blackout Es.2

In Episode #2 , Dame-O and Molecule discuss emcees not knowing when to bow out gracefully and a bunch of other stuff with special guests David Blackburn (Educator/Activist/Artist) and Shantelle Massey, creator of The Dopeness Project

Big East BlackOut Es.1

In Episode #1 The Indelible Dame-O , Molecule and J-Heat aka Johnny Storm discuss the arrest of podcaster Taxstone , Jay-Z signing his contemporaries to Roc Nation , and emcees wanting to BOX rather than BATTLE