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@3sirenspodcast is where 3 women of color Maisha, Felicia, and Cathy share their navigation of this ISH called life. It’s the place where they say the things you think but can’t always voice! Living, breathing juxtapositions sippin’ while dippin’ in and out of intellectual discord and pseudo pettiness. Give them a listen…

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3 Sirens - EP26 - Take It

In episode 26 the Sirens contemplate early funeral planning, some dummy giving Felicia poor relationship advice, and the curse of reciprocity. Turn your volume up! J/K, turn it down we cackle!!! ENJOY!!
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3 Sirens - EP25 - In The Big House

Ep 25 finds the Sirens discussing the woes of being a friend’s garbage can, people checkin our motherhood skills, and why do wanna be WIFED UP so bad??? We also give some advice to a listener that even we wouldn’t take…sorry. So, LISTEN to the sound from deep within…



3 Sirens - EP24 A Monster

Ep 24 explores feeling like giving up, momma’s clairvoyance, and makin nice with the daddy… we also get turnt on some of Felicia’s Plum Brany Hooch. LORDT. Cheers!!!

3 Sirens - EP23 For The D

Ep 23 explores our desire to mind other people’s bidness, dealing with anti black girl school policies, and Black is the new white. BEARDS and GREY SWEATPANTS: NUFF SAID. HIT IT!!!



3 Sirens - EP22 Biologically They Can't

EP 22 unpacks being hit on by a friend’s BAE, becoming a troll, and examining who the EFF we really think we are. We also help a listener deal with some office BS. Now rake up this science we droppin!!!


3 Sirens - EP21 - He Thinkin Bout It.

FINALLY… the #3Sirens have returned to Podcasting!! Season 3’s premiere (EP 21) jumps off with sexual expression, how to have THEE talk with kids, and dealing with old lady nasty urges. We also squabble about how a listener should deal with her man. Now…sink into this ep like a hot bath…


3 Sirens Episode 20

This season two finale pulls out all the stops! The 3Sirens discuss Lame A** Apologies, Family that get on our nerves, and the ending of an era. Open your hearts, ears, and hands and catch this TRUF!

3 Sirens Episode 19

In episode 19 the 3 Sirens discuss when is it really time to let go, navigating telling someone that they have a problem, and taking our Masks off. Oooh weee! Ya’ll might need to sip with us…


3 Sirens Episode 18

In Ep 18 we talk about crazy moms, the siphoning of our Black girl magic , and self sabotage! You betta come get this good good!!


3 Sirens Episode 17

In Ep 17 The Sirens get serious about therapy, unpack the Angry Black Woman Trope, and confront our need to overlook family transgressions. We also give some invaluable drunkin advice to a “new to podcasts” listener. So tip up your cup and throw your hands up and listen to the Sirens say…

3 Sirens Episode 16

Oh boy… the Sirens go in on that old time religion, the need for people to compare pain, and RUDE FOOD eps! Now… draw in your minds and listen to us spout from our soap box!

3 Sirens Episode 15

Shout out to 716LIVE!!! This episode the Sirens discuss the power of a good/bad RSVP, tryna get attention with our clothes, and working witha shy B. It’s also a DRY EPISODE: NO LICKA IN THE STUDIO… LORDT HAVE MOICY! Listen and Learn… LOL!

3 Sirens Episode 14

Mixed cocktails create longer podcasts… this ep we talk about the underbelly of motherhood, gettin in our feelings over tea, and the acknowledgment of fear. Also… anyone going to the #ATLOrgy????Now, steppup ma yout, Hear dis!!!


3 Sirens Episode 13

The 3 Sirens discuss is it ever okay to disclose someone else’s STI status to potential partners, examine our financial intelligence, and explore our most inner RAGE. We also give some suspect political advice. Now, open a bottle, pour a drink, and sip and dip with us.

3 Sirens Episode 12

3Sirens – EP12 – International Playah

In this episode we find the Sirens discussing tricking our tax return cash, contemplating why we gotta fit in a box, and give some terrible drunken advice to two listeners tryna find love in their 40s.

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