716 Live Interview with Sammyy02K

Sammyy02k has made a name for herself on social media. Based in Portland, she is known all over the world for her beautiful photos and go-getter attitude. We had the honor of interviewing her. Let’s dive in!


Jasmine Reed The Author: What got you interested in modeling?

Sammyy02k: I got into Instagram modeling from seeing other girls do it and I was so informed by their style and the pictures they would post. But they weren’t plus sized so at first I didn’t think I would ever be like them because of my size. But I took photos anyways and people love my body and the confidence I have with it. I’ve always loved fashion but I never thought I could be doing what I am now with it because of my size. But I’m blessed to have the support from my followers who encourage me to do what I love.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Can you recommend any photographers?

Sammyy02k: One of my favorite Portland photographers is Bridgette Emard. We both are very creative so I always love brainstorming with her on shoots. One shoot we did together consisted of 30 jars of glitter, 2 jars of Vaseline and a lot of foil paper.  You’ll have to check in on my Instagram to see those results.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Where do you get your cute outfits?

Sammyy02k: Majority of my clothes come from Fashion Nova. I ’ve always loved their style of clothes, they are affordable and good quality. I can spend hours on their website putting looks together for shoots. Another one of my favorite clothing companies is Dear Lovers: an online boutique ran by this amazing woman. They have several  swimwear sets that I absolutely love.

Jasmine Reed The Author: How do you prepare for photoshoots?

Sammyy02k: It depends on the type of shoot it is. I’ll spend the night before planning outfits and trying them on maybe even researching places to shoot. I don’t like to take my photos in the same location. I really try and switch it up and bring something new to my posts each time. But I do my own hair and makeup for all my shoots, I haven’t found anyone yet I trust to do my makeup.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Sammyy02k: My advice is to go for it. When I first started I was buying clothes from the companies I wanted to work for and piecing outfits together and begging my friends to take my awkward fashion photos in parking garages. I was so inspired by the girls who were getting sent free clothes and doing all these cool events so I studied the game and put in my work. The companies that I once reached out to for collaborations and denied me are now some of my biggest sponsors. It takes a lot of energy and consistency in the social media field to get where you want to be.

Jasmine Reed The Author: What are your plans for 2018?

Sammyy02k: My goals for 2018 is to hit a million followers on Instagram and to launch my YouTube Chanel. I’m also teaming up with another company to launch my first clothing line. I’m really excited for this coming year. 


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