716 Live Chats with Amina Buddafly

Widely known for being on VH1’s hit TV show “Love and Hip Hop”: Amina Buddafly exemplifies beauty and grace.  We had the honor of chatting with this inspirational soul!



Jasmine Reed The Author: What is your favorite thing about Hamburg?

Amina Buddafly: My favorite thing about Hamburg is what it reminds me of. It reminds me of my childhood (which some of those memories aren’t good) but it makes me remember where I came from and why I am the way I am. Overall there are more things about Hamburg I don’t like than there are things that I like. That is why I left the place. But it is and will always be home.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Where did you get inspiration for “The Other Woman”?

Amina Buddafly: Life. Simple as that. It’s a book about me and who I really am. Inspiration came from my experiences. Whether it was my love story which was publicized, or my upbringing. It all played a part in what the book became: my story.

Jasmine Reed The Author: How is motherhood?



Amina Buddafly: Motherhood is just amazing. It’s also tiring and draining and hard and exhausting but the quality it’s given my life tops all of the negative things that come with it. Motherhood makes you responsible. Makes you realize that giving is more rewarding than taking. Makes me a happier human.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Amina Buddafly: Making music and inspiring people as I have always done. Hopefully with an even bigger following. Possibly another child but that all depends on my personal ‘status’. I wouldn’t want another child alone.

Jasmine Reed The Author: Any advice for new entrepreneurs?

Amina Buddafly: Don’t stop. You can move slow but if you don’t stop, are talented and passionate about your craft you’re on your way and nothing can come in that way.













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