716 Does It Again For PURE

Around this time last week  the City of Buffalo showed nothing but love and support for the PURE movement for a second time. In front of yet another packed house, Duece King, Fonz Carter, Amire A.K. Reed, and the rest of the PURE team gave us another glimpse into the world of the PURE Series. Episodes 1 & 2 were screened for those who missed the Red Carpet Premier screening earlier in the month. Attendees had the distinct pleasure of seeing their city brought to the limelight through the eyes of writer Duece King and director Amire A.K.Reed. We were also taken on a musical journey through the town through the ears of musical director John Stover Jr.  Once again, viewers were given an all access pass to the vivid story of Nevada, (played by Fonz Carter), Tru (played by Duece King), Moe (played by John Stover Jr.) and a host of other characters. Needless to say, if you missed the viewing….shame on you. You definitely missed an experience!!!!

PURE is currently touring around the country showcasing the beauty and talent of 716…..


~The Dopeness Project~


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